Feature Chicken December 2019

December has had a somber start to it here in the forest, as a hawk had taken one of the forests favorite chickens. Lily had stood the test of time here in the forest, and she will be sorely missed by Dr. Bronner. Her gentle and sweet disposition set her apart from the other chickens. While the majority of hens will hover and grab for food around the campfire, Lily has always patiently waited at the outskirts of the crowd until her turn came. Her yellow cheek pouches gave her a distinctly charming look, and she had the most beautiful yellow and greens subtly mixed through her feathers. Her favorite hobbies were daydreaming, sunbathing, and watching the clouds change to vanilla skies. We know that Lily’s gentle spirit will be lingering with the rest of the brood to help guide them through the winter here.