Feature Chicken Vanessa July '20

Vanessa is as unique in her origin story as she is in her coloring. She was left, by persons unknown, in the parking lot on Mister Road one day. It can be unsettling for anyone to be starting fresh in a brand new place, and for a while she felt like an outcast. However, after two short seasons she climbed through the ranks to become the top hen that she is now. She’s also a dear friend to Dr. Bronners, and the two are often seen side by side throughout the day. This is unsurprising, given her kind and calm disposition. Indeed, she has become a dear friend to all with her stoically positive disposition.

Vanessa’s black and white stripes indicate that she is a Barred Rock, although a subtly beautiful flash of emerald green through her feathers could indicate that she has a touch of another breed as well. This combination gives her an air of confidence in appearance, which is backed up by her superb abilities. Not only is she one of the best layers, but she also excels at foraging. She demonstrates a methodical approach to scratching for her fill of nutrition, which is perhaps the reason why her feathers give such a luxurious gleam.

If there was one thing Vanessa would like to share with her readers, she said it would be this quote by Emily Dickinson, “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”.