Feature Rooster: Dr Bronner Feb 2019

As a Rhode Island Red rooster, Dr. Bronner (also known as DB) is a visually stunning sight to behold. His fiery orange saddle feathers, iridescent tail feathers, and bright red comb and wattle, are nearly picture perfect. Not only is he entirely handsome, but DB is quite the gentleman and sage. He can often be found looking out for his flock and calling the ladies over whenever he finds something good to eat. He will wait until the others have eaten before he decides to participate. DB can often be found standing in a stoic fashion and quietly observing his surroundings. He likes to be a part of whatever is going on, and will maintain eye contact with whoever walks nearby as he studies the situation. Dr. Bronner sets an example to the rest of the flock by going to bed early, and staying calm on his perch at night while the stragglers make a rowdy fuss when they are put to bed. He is also usually the last one out of the coop in the morning, as he waits for the rest of the ladies to depart first, encouraging them with his low pitched grumbly voice. And make sure to get a sight of him running – it’ll brighten anyone’s day by putting a smile on their face. Everyone loves DB – he is such a gentle, wise, handsome rooster.