Feature Chicken - Reiki Oct 2020

Autumn has beset the Hostel with showers of oak leaves and acorns to coat the forest floor. Raking paths and sweeping boardwalks are a daily chore, and we have a young hen that has grown into being quite helpful with our leaf moving. Her name is Reiki!

We have had the pleasure of knowing many wonderful forest hens over the years, but we have never seen a hen that would run to whomever was raking leaves and follow after them while dining on the little bugs that might surface from the freshly cleaned Earth.

Every now and then a chicken amongst the flock displays behavior that reflects a more keen awareness of the world around them. Reiki reminds us of one of the memorable Disney princesses from last winter, Pocahontas, for she would stand next to the fire during the day for warmth, and look squarely into the depths of the warmth center as if she was contemplating some philosophical conundrum. “If tomatoes are a fruit, then is ketchup a salty smoothie?”

Many people have grown their first garden this year, and some have also begun to keep a flock of chickens for the wonderful joy of daily eggs. “Hens will lay even if there is no rooster.” Reiki wishes to mention. Check your city, or counties rules on chickens if you would like to experience the wondrousness that we at the Hostel call “Chicken TV!”