Randomly Available Feature Chickens

Names: Luna Gurdy, Crackle, Johnny-Sue, Delilah, Archimedes, Stevie-Nix

Breeds: A smörgåsbord of home-made delights with some definite hints of silkie-bantam thanks to second-in-command rooster, Frank.

It was difficult to get these new chicks all in one basket and quiet enough to answer any questions since they begun braving the many nooks and crannies of the forest. From careful and compassionate observation it seems this new clique spends the days taking dust baths while piled on top of each other creating what looks like a mutant mammoth chicken. As the queen bee, Luna, scurries off to chase a rogue butterfly the clan with hurry after a little slower on the uptake but glad to be chirping together.

The summer heat has brought a myriad of bugs to keep them busy and distracted but top cock/daddy Spartacus keeps a watchful eye on the mischievous bunch that like to wander pretty far from the coop.

Likes: The Royal Treatment; Bananas; Arborealism; Spider webs glistening in the sunlight; bubbles

Dislikes: Solitude; Oil Spills (ew!); Taking Showers; Snickerdoodles; Omnivores