Miss December 08

Name: Tina Turner

Breed: Golden Laced Polish

Likes: Dancing, singing, the limelight, European records, Buddism

Dislikes: Controlling roosters, drugs (and the damage they cause to the lives of irresponsible chickens), power outages, the name “Ike”

Person, dead or alive, I would like to meet: Ada Jones

Tell us a bit about yourself: Heya! I’m Tina! I would describe myself as a self-made hen. I love to cluck my own special cluck, and dance. All the hens and people love me, you should see the lines at the coop when I’m just clucking to myself! I’m always grooming myself, to help keep up this beautiful coat that I was blessed with. But believe me, its not just looks to this hen, I have some real talent! Yeah, people think I’m beautiful for my appearance, but I’m not on the top of the pecking order for just that!

You sound pretty confident, would you say there’s been challenges to your status? I know the hard work that got me here, all the months of practice and personal work that got me here. I’m the gypsy queen, the best, but I’ll never forget the struggles that got me here. There were times when the other chickens abandoned me, times that the roosters’ bitter peck brought me to my knees. But I’ve stood up strong like the hen I am, and shook that off like a dirt bath.

What do you look for in a rooster: I need a stable rooster. One thats I know I can trust. I’ve been through a lot of pain in the past, chasing after the wrong tail feathers. You know, once pecked, twice shy? I’m at a very vulnerable place, and need a guy that would be patient with that. Or no guy at all, maybe I need some hen time, you know? I mean, who needs a heart when a heart can be broken so easily? I just don’t wanta fight no more.