Miss November 2011

Name: Wanda

Breed: American Game Hen

Life and Times: Many moons ago a guest named Ken from Georgia gifted The Hostel in the Forest a hen. This hen was Wanda, daughter of a specially bred fighting cock. Small, svelte, highly intelligent, and an innate survival prowess, Wanda exemplifies the qualities of her breed. Refusing to adhere to the conformities of Hostel chickenhood, she ventured deep into the forest to brood, all but disappearing from the watchful eyes of the chicken shaman. One month later she reappeared with ten chicks straggling behind her. She raised all ten to adolescence and later went on to have a second brood instilling in all of them the particular skills necessary to endure the uncertainties of the wilds such as foraging the forest floor and the technique for roosting up in the trees, among others. With her keen instincts and staunch independence Wanda epitomizes revolutionary thought for chickens everywhere. Her behavior has spawned comparison to the likes of Che Guevara and brought rise to the term “jungle chicken” to classify herself and her offspring. Needless to say Wanda has become a highly beloved and revered chicken here at the Hostel in the Forest.