Membership Policy

Hostel Mission:

The Hostel in the Forest, located in Brunswick, Georgia, USA, is a center which promotes and teaches environmental sustainability, while also serving as a spiritual retreat for its members. It teaches a hands-on approach to a sustainable lifestyle through activities and workshops such as alternative building and organic gardening while complementing the processes of nature. While the Hostel is not dedicated to any particular religion or denomination, its educational programs and services are designed to integrate the ecological, social, spiritual, economic and emotional aspects of the human condition.


The Hostel has been in operation since 1975. Over the years it has provided a space for people to exchange, collaborate and share ideas that support this mission. In the early days we were a part of the International Youth Hostel Federation and American Youth Hostel Association, open to members at a discounted rate. Since we became independent of those organizations, we have always welcomed members of those organizations while also establishing our own membership structure. Anyone may become a member of the Hostel irrespective of race, religion or country of origin. There will be a one-time $10 fee for a life-time membership.

Member Benefits:

Every member will have reasonable access to the facilities at the Hostel, while they are staying at the Hostel.

These facilities include:

The common area buildings including both domes, the glass house and the art room.
The Hostel’s property surrounding the buildings, including the trails, footpaths and boardwalks.
Access to the swimming pool (when open) and the lake.
Access to canoes at the lake.


The Hostel conducts many skill-shares, workshops and retreats. Members are permitted to attend these while they are staying at the Hostel. In some instances, an additional charge to cover instructors or materials will be made. We also conduct fundraiser weekends and we encourage members to participate in these.

Membership Responsibiity:

Being a contributing member permits you to stay and enjoy the benefits of the Hostel. Being a member is not a one-way arrangement. While the Hostel does provide many benefits to its members, the board of directors and the manager feel strongly that each member should find a way to contribute to the Hostel as well. On the most fundamental level, this may be a simple daily chore, or it may be in sharing a skill or attribute that can make it a better place. Over the years, many people have contributed thousands of hours in building, repairing, creating and nurturing this place. While we make no specific demand upon you as a member, we are always in need of help. This collaborative spirit is the foundation of the Hostel and each and every member benefits from these actions.

The Hostel does not and never has attempted to profit in financial terms, but rather in the sharing of knowledge and wisdom. Any income beyond operational expenses is applied to The Hostel in the Forest Land Trust, a registered 501©(2) organization and contributes to the long-term security and safety of the surrounding land and forest.

Requirements for staying at the Hostel in the Forest:

You must make a reservation by phone between the hours of 10am. and 6pm. Our number is 912-264-9738. Please reconfirm the day BEFORE your arrival and let us know the approximate time of arrival. We can not accept reservations, cancellations or confirmations, by email.

We don’t take reservations more than 1 month before the requested date.

We have a maximum 3 day stay unless otherwise approved by the manager.

The maximum group size is 5 people..

We don’t mind those visiting the Hostel having a beer or two or a glass or two of wine; however, you will not be permitted to stay if, in the opinion of any member of our staff, you have had too much to drink. The Hostel is not a place to “party”, and any form of intoxication or drug use will not be tolerated and may be cause for a member to have their membership revoked.

We do not permit any type of firearms or weapons on any part of the Hostel’s property.

We do NOT allow dogs, cats or other pets on any part of the Hostel’s property.

We do not encourage those who visit the Hostel to bring young children unless they are constantly under supervision. We maintain a certain level of tranquility and serenity here and those outside of its bounds will be asked to leave. With this being said, we love the novelty, enthusiasm, and vibrancy that children bring to the Hostel.

Every member staying at the Hostel will be asked to contribute by doing a daily chore or by contributing to the daily operations of the Hostel.

You should leave your cell phone either in your car or room. We do not permit you to receive or place calls in the presence of others in the communal areas.

We want to promote the Hostel as a place of tranquility and serenity. If you would like to play a musical instrument or drums, please request permission from the manager or staff and be respectful of others at all times.

Terms and Conditions:

The Hostel membership agreement can be changed or altered at any time by consensus of the board of directors and is not a legally binding contract between the Hostel and its members.

Any member may have their membership revoked by the officers of the Hostel or by the manager or a representative of those officer, at any time.