Feature Chicken Winter 2014

This month’s feature chicken is Carch the rooster. An unusual chicken of Ukrainian descent, Carch spends his days taking luxurious dust baths, chasing the many hens around the yard, and snacking upon goldfish crumbs from the hands of guests and staff.

Carch used to be the glorious top cock of the forest but has since been cast down by the chick of his own loin, Carhardt (October 2014 feature chicken). Now he has been reduced to the occasional cock-a-doodle to try and win the affections of the few hens that will pay him any mind.

When the hawk flys above the domes, Carch cowers in fear and hides in his coop. When he was top cock, he used to enjoy basking in the sun with the occasional nap but a new and fearless hen now unleashes a great pecking if she catches Carch with his peepers closed.

When The Beatles are played in the dome, some guests swear they can hear Carch squawking along and doing the rooster shuffle in his coop. His unique markings and calls certainly leave an impression on everyone that passes through.

Beware of Carch for if you have bare feet he will undoubtedly pick upon the toes! Aye!