Feature Chicken October 2014

A rooster of GREAT PRESTIGE! Ever since his grand birth in late April 2014 Carhardt has been happily prancing about the forest scratching and exploring with his compatriots, a gang of hens known as “The Pompadours” (named for their exquisite “silkie” hairdos) which he is proudly the leader of with his brother Swearengen. Luna (Featured Chicken June 2014) and her sister Angel, full breed silkie’s have joined in the forest foraging with this amicable group.

Like the rest of his gang Carhardt is half silkie and half american game cock. Taking most of the latter’s characteristics he does have distinctive white “ears” as well as a small form and shape, qualities subtly hinting at his silkie heritage. His tail feathers however are highly revered as they are nearly half the length of his body and curve in a perfect regal shape. Though Carhardt’s crew spends most of their time separate from the “coop” chickens, all of those born in the brood are quite friendly, with only a handful of corn chops needed for a close gander.

Carhardt’s curiosity is an extension of his amiability and has led him through the open kitchen window on several occasions into the Soul Kitchen, where he seems content to sit on the counter and be a part of the happenings until politely shooed back out. Worry not hostelers arriving after sunset hoping to catch a glimpse of this beauteous avian, though he is nestled atop the coop he was raised in, Carhardt’s glory can be heard at potentially any hour before the actual break of dawn. Easily tricked by the moon’s light during the deep of night, his pubescent cock-a-doodle is certainly a surprise for first or even life time visitors.