Miss March 09

Name: Nugget
Breed: Half Old English Game, Half Brahma. (The daughter of Kendra [June 08] and Eagle Chicken)
Likes: Sake, Darkness, Kendo, sharpish metal thingies
Dislikes: Lisa Frank, Guns, the British (ahem!)
Person I would like to meet: Those I wish to meet are found only in shadow!
Tell us a bit about yourself: “I am the proud daughter of Kendra, Warrior chicken of the outland. I have been trained in the many arts of chicken combat. Few dare to stand in my way, and no human beast can catch me! I live in the trees, and they are my home. A thousand curses fall on any foolish beast that dares disturb me, or dares to doubt my ability!”
What do you look for in a rooster? “My mate must be Fierce like the snakes of the East! Strong and silent, and as deadly as a shrill Opossum! If he can not fly to the highest pine in the land to fetch my love, then he is of no use to me!”