Welcome to the Hostel in the Forest

The Hostel is a membership organization, please browse through our website before calling us to make a reservation. If you have further questions, we would be happy to answer them over the phone any day between 10am and 6pm, 912-264-9738. We can not accept reservations, cancellations or provide availability by email. If you have a reservation PLEASE try to check in by 7pm or let us know if you can’t. and please bring a valid ID with you.

If you are interested in working at the Hostel please review the applications page.


We are always looking for skilled instructors willing to share their knowledge on a variety of subjects that support our vision. If you have some ideas or suggestions, or would like give a suitable presentation or workshop, please contact us..

If you are interested in working at the Hostel please review the applications page.

Our Vision

The world would be a much healthier and better place if all its inhabitants advocated sustainability instead of unlimited growth. Rather than trying to control nature and use it as a resource for development, we should revere it, respect it, and work with it. The Hostel in the Forest is taking steps to manifest this vision. We see that nature’s creatures, including humans, animals, birds and insects share the same land in a unique manner. Inspired by the creativity found in the natural environment, we have transformed our ideas into actions by having an organic vegetable garden used in our dinners each night, recycling our wastes, having a cutting-edge gray-water system, watering plants with a solar powered irrigation system, and using a worm box that composts our table scraps into fertilizer for the garden. Hostel members sleep in tree houses, hike the T-trails through the 133 acre forest, swim and paddle canoes in the lake, take part in the healing process of walking our labyrinth, participate in the sweat lodges held on the nights of the full moon, eat a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal each night, and attend the many educational retreats and lectures designed to teach us how to move toward a wholesome and more sustainable future. We invite you to visit us and be a part of our work in progress; even participate in helping us with our projects, if you so desire. If you are financially able to do so, we would also be most appreciative of any gifts to our 501 C 3 tax-deductible organization in order to encourage and further our goals.


Latest News and Events

Women’s rituals, retreats, and gatherings help us to reclaim our birthright- Our power, our intuition, and our bodies. While the activities we will participate in over the weekend can be therapeutic on their own, the general purpose is to Empower women to connect with themselves and their sisters in a deeper, fuller way. We are conditioned by outside forces such as the media to focus on others needs, judge our bodies harshly, and disconnect from our intuition. This retreat gives us the opportunity to explore our sacred feminine side and other parts of ourselves that we might not feel comfortable with in mixed company.

If you are craving a weekend of exploration, rejuvenation, and celebration then you will want to join Cheryl and Erica as they hold sacred space for you to create a stronger connection with yourself, the earth, and other women. You will be participating in energetic and creative activities, meditations, and so much more that will help you to reconnect to the most sacred part of you.

This retreat is open to women of all ages and experiences And includes: 4 days, 3 nights, meals (vegetarian or vegan)-Brunch and Dinner, meditations, sound healing, energetic crafts that are yours to take home, dancing and drum circle by the fire, time to explore, relax, medicine songs and song circles, yoga, and so much more!

]In order to honor yourself and others we ask that all attendees commit to the entire experience from opening circle to closing circle.



Investment- $333 with $100 paid deposit received by August 6th, 2018 $388 with $100 paid deposit received by September 30th, 2018 $422 with full payment received after October 1st

All registrations are non-refundable after October 19th.

Space is limited to 25 Goddesses. 

Hostel in the Forest allows you to connect to nature through a more primitive experience. Accommodations will be shared so if you coming together with friends, please let us know so you can be assigned the same tree house/cabin. There is electricity in most of the tree houses and cabins. There are outdoor showers and composting toilets. This is a place to disconnect from electronics and you are encouraged to leave your phone in your tree house/cabin. 

Please bring: journal and pen, sleeping bag or sheets and pillow, towel, refillable water bottle, mug for coffee/tea, yoga mat and pillow(and any additional props needed for comfort, earth friendly bug spray, flashlight/head lamp as it does get dark. Goddess Gift (more info on that when you register), additional food and snacks for personal use or to share (optional, 1 white outfit(if possible) for our Moon Ritual, an item to place on our group altar to soak up the awesome energy so you can bring it home to your own sacred space, an open heart!

We are asking all Goddesses to complete a questionnaire to ensure that we are the best fit for each other, get a feel for where everyone is at, and to further customize this retreat. If you are feeling the call to join us, please click on the following link. Email the completed form to nextleveljourneys@gmail.com. you will hear from us within 48 hours to schedule your discovery call.  

Any questions, please feel free to call or email Cheryl. She can be reached at 407-625-9719 or at thecrystalhealingspa@gmail.com

Cheryl Taylor is an AumaKhua-Ki® Master Instructor, LMT, and Crystal enthusiast. She incorporates a variety of modalities in her healing practice located in Orlando, Florida and is passionate about helping people lead happy, fulfilled and connected lives. She hosts retreats and workshops locally and abroad and thrives in creating and holding sacred space for healing. Crystals, essential oils, flower essences, sound healing and energy work are tools she incorporates both for herself and her clients.

Erica Pennell is a devoted Song-keeper, devotional music maker, vibrational healer, and facilitator of ceremonial medicine song circles for connection and healing. She has been a student of many different holistic and energetic modalities, and uses a multi-traditional approach to hold space for all cultural representations of the Divine to flow. Pulling threads from both ancient and modern teachings, she invites you to join her in co-creating a beautiful tapestry of wisdom to share.

Vibrational Alignment & Deliberate Creation November 9th-12th

Join Artist, Public Speaker, and Deliberate Creator, Ania Amador, and a diverse group of talented instructors ranging from visual artists, musicians, dancers, massage therapists and teachers of all kinds. This retreat is perfect for anyone interested in simply getting away for the weekend, and/or learning life changing techniques for connecting with nature, controlling your energy, and creating your own reality. Align yourself vibrationally with where you want to be physically and deliberately create your own physical experience in this three night all-inclusive Meditative Retreat. A variety of instructional and creative classes will be offered including Guided Meditations, Yoga, Sound Healing, Law of Attraction Workshops, Acrylic painting for all skill levels, and more. ​​Massage Therapy services will also be available. This is the perfect way to tap into your creative side or further develop your skills in this unique environment.

WHAT IS INCLUDED? -Accommodations for three nights at The Hostel in the Forest, Two Vegetarian/Vegan Meals per day (3 brunches, 3 dinners), Daily Workshops including Yoga and Meditation, Art Classes and Supplies, Starter Pack including Deliberate Creation Workbook, Stickers, Prints, and MORE!

WHAT DOES IT COST? The cost of your all-inclusive 3 night 4 day stay is $385 per person. A $100 deposit is required to make your reservation. There are only 25 spots total available so reserve yours as soon as possible!

For more information, visit here

Conscious Singles Retreat Dec. 14-16th, 2018

Conscious Singles Retreat is for Single Men and Women who wish to deepen their spirituality while looking for a serious committed relationship. Focusing on solutions to help you connect with your potential cosmic partner. Hosted by Veronika Rose and Patricia Stever.

Love offerings include;
Relationship workshops
Sacred Sexuality discussions
Yoga, movement and meditation workshops
Breathing for healing; healing past partners
Intentional Art workshops
Sensual cooking class

Your stay includes two nights and three days in a cabin or treehouse, with two delicious vegetarian (Vegan options available) meals per day. Includes art supplies and all workshops

What to bring:
Extra blankets (You will be provided linens and a blanket).
Flash light.
Healthy snacks (This is for between meals).
Natural bug spray.
Musical instruments.
An open mind to share.
Note book for journaling and notes.

Workshop Instructors: Veronika Rose, Patricia Stever, Kelli and Bruce Johnson, Ryan Bean

Cost $300 A deposit of $100 is necessary to reserve your space. It is refundable up to 3 weeks prior to the event, Nov. 23rd. After Nov. 23th, we will not be issuing refunds. Spaces are limited. This is our first event and we are offering this for straight men and women. We are thinking of offering an event for LGBT community in the future if the demand is there. This is an intentional event, please do not come if you are in a relationship, are looking for a hook up or are not interested in finding the love of your life right now. We can’t promise that you’ll find your soulmate, and if you don’t you will leave with the skills to help you manifest one in the future.

We have space for 13 men and 13 women. We are looking for diversity, all cultures welcome. If you find yourself in a divine partnership prior to the event, please cancel so someone else can attend!

Call the Hostel in the Forest to reserve your space today: 912-264-9738 Office hours are 10am-6pm

Summer Update 2018

Posted October 2nd, 2017

The Summer season at the Hostel kicked off with three exhilarating retreats, Visionary Goddess Retreat run by Veronika Tuskowski, Back to the Roots run by Jessica Fein and Madre Tierra run by Ella Dufrene. The first was a divine artistic workshop celebrating the feminine spirit. The second was a creative and musical explosion. The third was a journey of awakening with a little fire hooping thrown in. Fun was had by all. The next retreat is a three day acroyoga fundraiser for Acroyoga Montreal teacher, performance partner, and circus muse Sally Newman, who is battling a devastating cancer. It is aimed at those with at least a little knowledge in acroyoga, and promises a new set of acrobatic skills to anyone who attends. It kicks off June 22nd-24th.

In other news, a new batch of baby ducklings hit the Hostel on the last day of May of this year. Right now Captain Sandals, Peabody and the rest of the nutty crew of baby ducks are settling into their new home where they will stay until they start shedding their baby fur and grow their little feathers. Why do baby ducks have fur? It keeps them warm silly head… They just love their warmth and are under a constant red light where they cuddle puddle their days away. They have a constant appetite and they are already growing like crazy. At this pace they will be as big as the main dome in a month or so. Wow! We will see what happens. All we know is there is an overdose of cuteness right now at the Hostel.

Summer here has been refreshing as the 90 degree heat in the middle of the day often succumbs to afternoon thunderstorms that cool thing off significantly going into the nighttime. The lake is a superb temperature and we have blueberries and blackberries growing in abundance. There is a new wig wam with trees growing into a 100% natural little house by the water. A large new shade cloth is keeping the garden veggies at a perfect growing temperature. Everyone looks sexy with their summer tans coming in nicely. Things are good. Thanks for tuning in.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel