Miss October 09

Name: Tastiliscous

Breed: Cochin Bantam

Interviewer:  I’m sitting by the fire pit at the Hostel in the Forest. Across from me the splendid and pleasantly plump Taste-alicious is perched a top the arm rest of a low to the ground wood backed bench.  Her relaxed mannerism is soothing off the back. 

Interviewer: How do you do today Tasty?

Tasty: Well honey let me tell ya I couldn’t be peachier.  With the rainy season being so active, the grubs and bugs and crickets in the thickets are in full swing, and Oh Lord have I been eating like a queen. 

Interviewer:  Magnificent!  Its good to hear things are going off with out a hitch. 

Tasty:  Mmmhhmmmm o yes o yes.

Interviewer:  By the way condolences to you for loss of Goldy.  I know you and her were very close.

Tasty:  The circle my friend.  There is no way around it.  From dust we come to dust we return.   I just hope to get all my kicks in before then.  I’m sure that other side ain’t too bad anyways.  I had a fellow chicken, lady friend once, who choked on a cockroach and was cross-eyed for about 3-4 minutes.  She finally was brought back to, and when asked what the other side was like, she responded, “I don’t remember much other then it was really really funny. ” That being said I think the party just keeps on going.

Interviewer:  that’s a story to remember.  Being one of the elder chickens at the hostel how do things differ now to when you were but a wee chick?

Tasty:  That’s one talked about by us chickens a lot.  It’s weird how things can expand and evolve yet in so many ways the key essence just don’t go no where.   It baffles my birdie brain, but then again I’ve heard it baffles ya’lls human brains as well.  I guess you chalk it up to love and everything falls in place. 

Interviewer:  hmmm… good God your speaking to my soul Tasty!

Tasty:   Buckaaaa!

Interviewer:  Right on! ...  What gives you inspiration in life Tasty and is there something that you, yourself, could say defines you?

Tasty:  Id have to say the in between of afternoons and evenings in Georgia really put me in a proper place.  When the air takes on that slight hint of Picasso blue and time stretches in odd ways.  Its as if I close my eyes and sit real still, I can sense the gears of time stopping.  And, as far as a thing that defines me as a generalized whole, it would have to be books.  Chicken scratch novels are a thing to be relished. 

Interviewer:  Seems that sulfur water might be effecting your head.

Tasty:  If so, only in the best of ways.

Interviewer:  Ok, well thanks a ton for your moments spent.  I wish you the best and much love.

Tasty:  As well as you, sugar pie.  take care.