Feature Chicken October 2013

Cinder Block is part of a family of five silkie chickens living here at the Hostel. His silkie fur is black and he is the smallest of the family, instantly making him the cutest.

We named him Cinder Block after we saw him perched up on a cinder block next to the ramp for the coop. His favorite activities include eating corn and escaping from the run. We realized we should have named him Houdini because he was getting out without being able to fly yet! It turned out that cinder block was tiny enough to fit right through the fence! We instantly fell in love and Cinder Block became a hot topic at the Hostel. Not only did he himself escape, but he taught all the other silkies how to escape! Even after he grew too big to fit through the squares in the fence, he would dig under and make new escape routes. I would constantly put bamboo stakes through his points of escape only to find that he had made more soon after.

What really makes Cinder Block Chicken of the Month is his greatest disappearing act. I went out after dinner one night to close the door to the coop and Cinder Block was not in there! I called Steven, our manager, and we searched around the run for him with flash lights. Because cinder block is so tiny, black and fuzzy we could not find him. Expecting the worst, I went to sleep with a heavy heart. We left the door to the run open in case he was till around and would go in to be safe.

The next morning I check the run only to find it empty. After opening the door to the coop I decided to check on them again when the sun was higher up in the sky. Later that morning I returned to the coop to find all the other silkies huddled together looking confused and sad, they had no idea where poor Cinder Block was! I bent down to get some corn to cheer them up and happened to loom towards staff village when Cinder Block comes running towards me! It was a magical moment, I fed him corn and rejoiced in his return. Ever since Cinder Block has been more hesitant to leave the run, though he still tests fate every now and again. He is a spunky, sly chicken with a big heart. We love you Cinder Block!

Courtney Crump
Dome Goddess/Chicken Shaman