Mr. June 2009

Name: Frank
Breed: Silkie Bantam
Interviewer: Off the back I’d like to thank you Frank for taking a few moments out of your busy day to chit chat a bit.
Frank: It is what it is…
Interviewer: Ok, so to start things off I’m going to pose a few simple questions and then we’ll delve into ones that are a bit more substantial.
Favorite movie?
Frank: Animal Farm
Interviewer: Wow that is a bold choice.
Frank: It is what it is
Interviewer: Alright then moving on.  What fills up the hours in a normal day for ya Frank? [Frank stands on just left foot then shifts to just right.  Ruffles feathers in irritation, then answers.]
Frank: Short distance running to keep my legs well defined in my flares, grooming, and off the record closet crotchet.
Interviewer: Ya thats going to go on the record, don’t know what to tell ya [Frank does not verbally respond, but thinks to himself: it is what it is. There is a silence]
Interviwer:  So in mentioning grooming many people have asked in passing through the Hostel. How you manage such a funkadelic get up.
Frank:  Commercial vat of Crisco, coconut oil, cinnamon for flavor flav; all combined and then applied.
Interviewer:  And what, this is applied first thing in the morning? [Frank laughs sarcastically and looks away briskly then back]
Frank: Does this sheen look like its not deserving of constant up keep.  Son let me tell ya something.  A cow don’t moo at a half moon.
Interviewer:  I don’t even think that makes sence.
Frank: Kung Pow!
Interviewer:  What?
Frank:  It is what it is.
Interviewer:Anyways, so in closing I ask the perennial question of what came first the chicken or the egg?
Frank:  Thats beyond me. But, to guess, the egg.
Interviewer:  Why?
Frank:  It is…
Interviewer:  What it is, I get it.  Well thanks again and keep up the do.