Mr. January 09

Name: Dank / Spartacus
Breed: Barred Rock
Likes: Beer, Beer Bongs, Beer Sports, Chilling with my ‘Bras’, Watching “Animal House” over and over again
Dislikes: Thinking too much, Chickens smaller then me, Literacy, Pledges.
Person I would like to meet: Attila the Hun. That Bra was mad-hyphy!
Tell us a bit about yourself: Dude Bra! Seriously? Whats with the twenty questions Bra? I guess I like chilling with my boys, going out and getting drunk and breaking stuff. Ya know, beating up on pricy roosters, making sure they don’t get any hens, ya know? I really like to hit things, and especially if they break. Its totally cool though, cause my dad totally owns a dealership.
What do you look for in a hen? Whatever Bra. The more the better! Quantity, ya know? As long as shes not some clingy, naggy hen. My girl’s gotta understand that I’m the top cock here, and I gonna be getting other hens, ya know? Oh yeah, and a well-breasted chicken is like top-of-the-list. Sorry, I’m kinda out of it…I got a killer hangover. We totally had formal last night, so I’m still feeling it. Did I mention my dad owns a dealership?