Feature Chicken December 2013

Meet our flockā€™s nascent prince regent, Yeti (the Abominable Snowman). Yeti is the largest of our five Silkie chickens; white and fluffy with deep blue and periwinkle facial features and feet, sporting a spiked mohawk and tail.

With the surge of testosterone flooding his body, in just the past few days he has begun crowing, and like most teenagers, has been trying to establish himself with the ladies. While younger than the other chickens at just 6 months old, with the recent absence of the former top cock Jesus, Yeti has begun courting the hens. After some initial resistance, they seem to be warming to his advances.

Only time will tell if his unique features will shine through in his eventual offspring (and will he and his brother Buddha be able to get along?), but you can be certain that Yeti and his Silkie siblings (Buddha, Ivory, Cinderblock and Snow) will make for the most adorable royal family ever!