Miss March 08

Name: Millie

Breed: Mille fleur (Belgian Bearded d’Uccle), literally translates to ‘thousand flower’

Likes: Yoga, music festivals, massage

Dislikes: police, petroleum, screamo…anything that harshes my mellow

Person that you would like to meet: Timothy Leary

Favorite movie: ‘The Secret’

Tell us a bit about yourself: I like the outdoors, ya know, sitting in parks and looking at flowers. I do enjoy being active, I like to dance and enjoy an occasional game of disc golf. I also really like sitting around and listening to music…I can’t describe how many nights I’ve sat around with my fellow bird-goddesses listening to the grateful dead and blissing the night away.

What are your goals for the future? Well man, ya know, I’m trying to help build conciousness and awareness, trying to help the world in my own way. And trying to help people help themselves in this. There’s a lot of flow, and I feel I’m here to help that.

What do you look for in a rooster? Well, I’m kinda a free spirit…a rooster would have to understand that. I’m not looking to be tied down to any relationship, but I have a big heart and would love to share it with the right bird. I’m polyandrous, so I need a guy that understands that, and is able to communicate honestly to make that work.