Miss April 08

Name: Von Dutchess Del Cluck

Breed: Rhode Island Red

Likes: Silent movies, tinkering around with machinery, fast food, the word ‘nuclear’

Dislikes: Delays, people that don’t know how to mind their own buisness, incompetence, Lisa Frank

Person that you would like to meet: Douglas Powers

Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m a very active bird. Yes, active…that’s the word. I spend a lot of time planning. My friends say I spend too much time brooding, but they just don’t understand my genius! But someday they’ll know…THEY’LL ALL KNOW! …but I digress. I believe myself to be an intelligent bird, I’m very busy and always pushing the limits of my knowledge. But I like to have fun, I enjoy shopping, going to concerts, tying people to traintracks…that sorta stuff.

What are your goals for the future? Well, I have many plans. I hope to finish my Masters of Science. I’m also considering entering the political arena. Another consideration of mine is travel, I’ve always wanted to see Eastern Europe, maybe settle there, build myself a nice lab/castle…you know, the usual.

What do you look for in a rooster?: I’m looking for someone strong. A rooster that is strong-willed. I don’t want a mate that will flake out on me, abandon me or shrink away from trouble. He has to be willing to stay with me til then end. And not ask too many questions, I guess I really am looking for a bird that is supportive of me. And he should support the republican party as well.