Miss February 08

Name: Goldie (aka Agent LeBuck)

Breed: Believed to be a Buff Columbian Wyandotte/Ameraucana hybrid. Goldie’s past is shrouded in mystery, and information regarding her breed is highly classified. She is known to possess the rare ‘Easter Egger’ gene, which produces rare blue eggs.

Likes: croissants, small black maid outfits (with artificial feather duster), men who can cook

Dislikes: locked doors, freedom fries, censorship, those who ask too many questions

Person I would like to meet, dead or alive: Violette Szabo, French operative during WW2

History: Goldie is the oldest hostel chicken, coming to the hostel under the management of Rob Jacoby, five years ago. She is a favorite among the staff and guests, due to her eccentric ways. She’s a very smart chicken, and also quite friendly. She’s been known to lay eggs in the staff’s beds, and is always willing to share her unique blue eggs with the hostel guests. Her comb is of French design, resembling a beret. She has survived many hardships at the hostel, from dog attacks to the attack of the fabled chupacabra on the chicken tractor. She is often seen reporting these events to the other chickens, reporting in to tell them what she’s learned. But as friendly as she is, she also has her share of secrets. Today we’ll try to track her down and get to know her a bit better.

What do you look for in a Rooster?: “Zese are ze questions you Americans ask?” laughs. “Well, I suppose zat I am looking faur a guy zat is adventurous. I like you American guys, but my loyalty lies in Fraunce, and he would have to understand zis. He would have to be willing to travel, as my occupation requires such work. Is far as personality, he has to be as friendly and strong-willed as I am, and once again, being adventurous is important. I have been known to be a wee bit…what is ze English word? Oh yes…naughty.” laughs again

So, you’re the oldest chicken at the Hostel?: Is age a concern of yours, and are you looking for an older rooster as well?: “Age is not a concern of mine. I am not ashamed of my age, it shows my wisdom. And wiz ze age comes ze experience, no?” laughs

Do I detect an accent in your voice?: “Oh yes. I am from ze great nation of Fraunce. I came over to zis country but a few years ago. I enjoy it here, but do not know how long I will be staying.”

So what brought you to south Georgia?: silent pause “Buizness. Zis is all you need to know.”