Miss June 08

Name: Kendra, Warrior Chicken of the Outland

Breed: Old English Game

Likes: Leather, swords, the cud-beast herdsmen of Lan, lasagna

Dislikes: Sand Pirates, Radioactive Mutants, psychiatrists, tourists

Person that you would like to meet: Bruce Campbell

Tell us a bit about yourself: It is I! Kendra, Warriorchicken of the Outland! Brave defender of the sword of Nalgath! I have traveledthe planes, dispensing forth my savage and bustful wrath upon the dreaded sand marauders and radioactive fiends of the 7th realm! I also enjoy crochet and like to climb trees.

Would you describe yourself as religious? I once declared Nigoth the Worm God to be my higher power, but since then, we’ve had a bit of a falling out. Until a new power emerges, I will hence go forth and slay him and his many eye-tentacles! So, yes and no.

What are your goals for the future?: You know, settle down, hatcha nice family, help rid the world of evil mutants.

What do you look for in a rooster?: My rooster must be willingto let me take the lead. My work keeps me busy (there’s many foul beasts in this forest which need slaying), so he has to be understanding of ‘my time’. He shouldn’t be one to control me, ask me where I’ve been, ask me to ‘seek help’. Asseen in Kendra IV: The radioactive raccoon of Althera Swamp, attempts to rein me in tend to result in pecked out eyes and severed feet.