Miss July 08

Name: El Agua Del Fuego

Breed: Homebrew (Half Silkie Bantam, half Rhode Island Red)

Person that I would like to meet: Strongbad

Likes: Masks, Live performances, wrestling, dance.

Dislikes: Referees, pillow talk, electronics

Tell us a bit about yourself: “It is I! The great El Agua DelFuego! The greatest chicken wrestler to ever grace lucha libre! Behold the might of my fiery beak peck! Tremble before my castigo!” Huh? “Lo siento…I go by El Agua Del Fuego. I was hatched in Durango, Mexico, and from my time as a young chick, I followed the great Mexican art known as lucha libre. I was attractedby the magic of it, the beauty of the performers. The traditions represented in lucha connect us to our culture, and our past.”

Has it been tough breaking into the world of profession wrestling as a hen? “Si. Cock fights are common in Mexico, but the hen circuit is much smaller. It is my dream though, is it not? I will become the strongest of all the luchadors!”

What do you look for in a rooster? “My rooster must be strong like an ox! Able to run with the bulls and unafraid of anything, even the vile BlackChicken of Sonora! He must be strong and athletic!”