Miss January 08

Name: Esmerelda

Breed: Silver-Spangled Hamburg

Person that I would like to meet: Sarah Jessica Parker

Likes: hounds-tooth clothing, going out dancing with the chicks, lattes

Dislikes: slow drivers, chauvinist, that creepy guy at the bar

Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m a fashionable lady, more of a city bird then some farmhouse fowl. I’d say I’m buisness-minded and am driven to meet these goals. I’m not all buisness though, theres definatly a fun-loving chicken in there. I like to meet up with my chick-friends, go out to have a bite, hit up the town and do some dancing! I’m energetic and fast paced, I’m going places.

What I look for in a rooster: I need a guy thats willing to understand that I need my space. He has to be supportive and understanding of me and my dreams, and not try to to control me. I’m highly independent and self-suffient and I need a guy that can keep up with that. I need someone that has their life worked out…I’m looking for a rooster, not a fixer-upper.