Miss August 08

Name: Leslie

Breed: Araucana

Likes: Reading,working outdoors, bright colors, 80s nostalgia

Dislikes: Shopping, organized religion, pickuplines, that creepy guy at the coop that hits on all the ladies

Person you would like to meet: Ellen DeGeneres

Tell us a bit about yourself: There’s no point in beingshy about it. The other chickens all say that I’m unique. That I’m the cutest little chicken they’ve ever met. I’m energetic and quirky. I’ve got a million interests, and like to bounce around between them. I love just having fun…going out and doing whatever comes to mind! Playing dress-up and going out with the other hens…that kinda stuff!

What do you look for in a rooster?: I’m really not looking for a rooster. I like guys that are funny and can keep up with me. But that’s what I look for in a friend, I’m really not looking for a “rooster”. In fact, I find your question offensive. Why should I be off looking for a rooster? Why do I need to be paired like that? Isn’t it enough for me to just be proud of the hen that I am?