2020 Full Moon Sweat Lodge Events

2020 Upcoming Sweat Lodge Dates

Hostel in the Forest accepts reservations no more than 30 days in advance. Please call 912-264-9738 to inquire about the next Sweat Lodge.

Jan. 10 Wolf Moon
Feb. 9 Snow Moon
Mar. 9 Worm Moon
Apr. 7 Pink Moon
May. 7 Flower Moon
Jun. 5 Strawberry Moon
Jul. 5 Buck Moon
Aug. 3 Sturgeon Moon
Sep. 2 Corn Moon
Oct. 1 Harvest Moon Oct. 31 Blue Moon
Nov. 30 Beaver Moon
Dec. 29 Cold Moon

Please Note:

We want the sweat lodge to be a full experience for our guests that choose to participate. To participate in a sweat, you have to arrive the night before the actual sweat. This allows you to participate in all of the preparation, giving a full and rounded view of the ceremonial process. When you call to make your reservation please let the person taking your reservation know that you are planning on attending the sweat lodge ceremony. Guests who arrive the day of a sweat will not be able to take part in that sweat