Sweat Lodge

We are closely monitoring the latest updates regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety of our guests, our staff and all visitors to the Hostel remains our top priority. We’re working diligently to keep the Hostel a safe and healthy environment for everyone. The Hostel will be closed until further notice. We will update information here on our website as the situation changes. Subsequently, there will not be any sweat lodges held until the Hostel reopens. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

At the Hostel, the Sweat Lodge tradition was started over 10 years ago by one of the staff, who was of Native American decent. It is now a rich tradition of the hostel, taking place almost every full moon and on other special occasions. Each lodge takes on the quality and intention of the people that are apart of it and therefore no two are ever alike. We draw on many of the principles and symbolism of the Native American Tradition as well as embrace the spirit of spontaneous serendipity. Presently, we have a Lakota style lodge with a maximum occupancy of 16 people: a leader and 15 participants. We typically have four sessions or rounds, approximately 45 minutes long, although no one is required or forced to stay in any longer that they choose. Please let us know when making a reservation if you plan to participate in the sweat lodge.

We want the sweat lodge to be a full experience for our guests that choose to participate. To participate in a sweat, you have to arrive the night before the actual sweat. This allows you to participate in all of the preparation, giving a full and rounded view of the ceremonial process. When you call to make your reservation please let the person taking your reservation know that you are planning on attending the sweat lodge ceremony. Guests who arrive the day of a sweat will not be able to take part in that sweat.

We are situated in the southeastern coastal plain of Georgia, surrounded by a great deal of wetland. This means that there are absolutely NO rocks naturally occuring within a 100 miles of here. Presently, we either buy them, gather them ourselves from the mountains, or rely on our guests to bring them to us. If you live in the mountains or any other rocky area, we would be incredibly appreciative if you could bring us even a few rocks. Smooth river rock is by far the best option although many will work. The only unacceptable types are granite and crystal because they shatter. When gathering them, be mindful of your intentions. The energy placed upon gathering the rocks is the first energy put into that sweat lodge and will be reflected in the experience.