Hostel in the Forest JULY 12TH 2020

Posted July 12th, 2020

Over the past year, we have taken the time to go through all buildings and examine every area in the Forest with the hopes of ultimately making spaces more welcoming and equally hospitable.

When Guest members make a reservation, they often request a specific tree house, and while our policy is that a reservation only guarantees a bed to stay, we do our best to ensure that all are comfortable with their sleeping arrangements. After all, there is so much more to the Hostel experience than where one rests their head.

With that in mind, we have often heard colorful feedback from those that were assigned to our bunkhouse on the first floor of the Art Lab/ Collaboratorium/ Polappa. We have taken your input, and are happy to announce that it has been updated with two beautiful and calming murals, one by Veronica Tuskowski, and the other by Elizabeth Wood. All graffiti was covered, and the bunk beds were brightened to allow the natural light to reflect upon the newly created art. The summer staff also made a collaborative art piece on the floor that is in the form of the fibonacci sequence that is seen again and again in nature. Pops staged the bunks in a uniform line, which was the final touch that made the whole room feel more spacious, light, and magical. Thank you to all the hands that went into this transformation. The forest is known for collecting things over time, as we get donations, guest members leave trinkets, and staff bring items that could “one day” help the Hostel. From time to time we must go through storage and common areas to see what is helping us, and what is that which clutters our path and vision.

We have found that clearing spaces and leaving them more open, creates the opportunity for new things and ideas to spring forward. We are in the climate now in which many are looking at what best serves their wishes, desires, and dreams and those that stand in the way of those aspirations. We hope that wherever this message finds you, you are well and as happy as the times allow. The Hostel is only made possible by the hearts, hands, and minds of all who have given of their time, and the gift of their presence over the years.

We are eternally grateful for the ongoing donations that have been given during our closing, and it is the collection of these gifts that will be the bridge for The Hostel in the Forest to get the other side of this worldwide calamity. We look forward to that day when we can circle up, say our name, where we are from, and share what it is that we are grateful for.

Today we are thankful for you.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel