December: 2020

Posted December 3rd, 2020

We have made it to December, and we are in the process of harvesting tangelos off the tree in the main garden on Mr. Road. There was so much fruit upon the tree that we had to brace it to keep it from falling over during the past few storms that have recently passed through. I couldn’t help but think that the forest was reminding me that you can’t grow too tall, too fast without having first, a strong root system.

We have a few papaya trees here on the property and they always seem to do better in the main garden, as opposed to the solar field. There are a few theories as to why, but I like the one that says that they survive because the more dense tree line on the west side of the garden protects it from wind gusts and thus helps ward off the occasional freeze. Sometimes when the elements pick up, it’s good to have neighbors, friends, and family to stand together with. The forest’s strength is not in one tree, but in all trees and everything in between.

We wish to thank everyone who has selected the Hostel in the Forest as their Amazon Smile non profit donor option for online purchases through their website.

Also thank you to whomever donated that beautiful hula hoop last month. It is a fine one and will be used and appreciated, certainly.

The hostel is grateful for the well wishes and messages of hope that we have received from guest members and forest family. We want to let you know that the Forest misses you and looks forward to your return, whenever that day may come. May we all have a safe and peaceful completion to this year, and may 2021 bring us closer to that which brings us joy and happiness.

Thank you and may the forest be with you,

The Hostel