Holidays in July

Posted July 16th, 2017

Hello forest family! We’re doing holidays in July these upcoming weekends, join us for the festivities :)
Halloween: Saturday July 15th
Halloween is creeping and crawling its way into the forest early this year. Come prepared for a costume catwalk, hay rides, ghostly dancing and spoOoOoky celebration!
Thanksgiving: Saturday July 22nd< /br> Join us to help give thanks for delicious food, each other, and autumnal color schemes! We’re going to be gobble gobbling up a feast following an especially grateful dinner circle. If you feel like contributing to said feast feel free to bring a favorite Thanksgiving dish
Christmas-Hanukkah-Yule: Thursday July 27th
Come celebrate the winter holiday spirit of your choosing with us <3 Holiday attire encouraged, small forest made gifts or love notes optional, holiday cheer bountiful ! Sand angels galore !
Call us to make a reservation if any of these tickle your fancy!
May the forest be with you!