Hostel Update June 2015

Posted June 19th, 2015

The extraordinarily cool spring has given way to a hot dry summer in the forest. We are in the midst of a dry period here in the forest. Low rainfall and drainage ditches built by the county have been depleting the standing water on the property. The lake and pond are both very low and get fairly hot from the constant sun. The pool is a refreshing oasis this time of year and has become a refuge for staff and guests alike trying to beat that midday heat. The upshot of this is that the mosquitoes have been very manageable this year. No-seeums and yellow flies have been few and far between. While we are weary of the long term implications of this dryness, we have been very happy to enjoy outside spaces without the swarm of mosquitoes that are normal this time of year.

We have been heavily involved with making the place as clean and well taken care of as possible. Many of the enclosed areas have been rescreened and we have been busy with belt sanders to clear the spaces of graffiti and errant art. We understand people want to contribute to the space and feel apart of it. Unfortunately, if everyone does this, we end up with hundreds of hours of work restore the huts and infrastructure to vital glory. Please be mindful that we actually contract artists to install murals and art pieces in the rooms in an intentional way. Please review the membership agreement as we have included new language surrounding visual alteration of any space around the hostel. Always feel free to express yourself in a raw and creative way in our ‘Collabrotorium’ located just above the Corral.

The two rooms adjacent to ‘Laundry Land’ are being reimagined! Their previous names were ‘Mushroom’ and ‘Turtle’. Under the careful hand and brilliant imagination of our ‘Artist in Residence’, Terisa Wren Shoumate, they have taken on a new life as ‘Palmetto’ and ‘Chicken’. Be sure to check these rooms out in their brightness and how Wren managed to bring the beauty and magic of the forest into these rooms.

We are revving up for our Fourth of July celebration which will be marking 40 years of existence for the Hostel in the Forest. The place has grown and evolved in a remarkable way and we have a special 3 day – 2 night event planned to mark the occasion. Please check out our events for all the details. It will be a weekend to remember and please note that due to dry conditions we will not be permitting fireworks on the property.

Please be aware that South Georgia heat is very intense! Please hydrate and refrain from vigorous activities during the peak sun. Cool off in the swimming pool or the lake and wear sunscreen. Do come and join us under the tree canopy and help us to co create a world of serenity and abundance.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff

Forest News

Posted June 14th, 2015

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