Forest Update January 2013

Posted January 14th, 2013

Here we are! It’s a new year and the hostel keeps slowly but surely marching into the future. Winter here is a quiet time for contemplation, meditation, and rumination. The leaves in the canopy have thinned out and the days are spent bathing in the crisp sunlight while exploring all the beauty our forest has to offer. Chilly nights are spent basking in the warmth of a wood stove inside the domes sharing stories, playing games, or lost in a good book. The new library just had its first birthday by the way, the crown jewel of the hostel is a sight to behold and an amazing space to recharge those batteries drained from prolonged exposure to the rat race. Add a amazing meal made from love by Terra (she makes Julia Child look like the Swedish Chef!), perhaps a jar of hostel-brewed mead by Peter (our recently departed Wizard of the Forest), and things don’t get much better this side of heaven.

It may sound like perfection to some but of course theres always room for improvements and thats exactly what were focused on in these slow months. We recently completed planting one hundred trees out in our southern field where the old tree farm used to be. Live oak, cypress, hickory, and long leaf pine were all lowered into the ground by the loving hands of our staff and guests. A huge thank you goes out to Laeo for his leadership and insight into this project which would of not happened without him. It’ll be a battle for these saplings to out compete the prolific gum trees and underbrush out there but with some love and luck our children will be able to enjoy a forest out there just as beautiful as the trees that surround the hostel. The finishing touches were put on long-awaited Massage Hut and come spring will provide a space for guests to receive rubdowns from transient body-workers (let us know if your interested!). Our garden is a cornucopia bursting with kale, collards, turnips, beets, onions, arugula, onions, and much more. A colorful nurturing organic salad picked fresh graces our dinner table nightly. All this made possible by our graceful flying gardener Bridget. Also the in accordance with the new year we’re cleaning house to provide a clean slate for future hostelers to build upon. The lounge, loft, tool room, colabatorioum and hidey hole have all been given a thorough purge (big shout out to Ryan-Ian and Dawn) and hopefully an organization system for the library will be actualized in the coming months.

The good times are never in short supply here at the hostel as demonstrated by our blow out New Years Eve, many a traveling musician coming through (Tina and Her Pony, The Sky Captains of Industry, and Josh, our musical compost tech), and even a tricked out english doubledecker bus made a home of Mr. Parking Lot last weekend. Keep an eye on the site here and our Facebook (friend us!) for info on upcoming workshops and events. Come clear your mind, watch day slip into night on the porch, lend a hand, and help us bring in a new era for the hostel and the rest of the world. If you bring us enough chocolate maybe Lauren, our lovely housekeeper, will make you a basket out of pine straw!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff