Forest Update 05/29/11

Posted May 29th, 2011

In the day to day here at the Hostel, we’re provided an opportunity to maintain a space for our guests to breathe slowly, focus, clear their minds, and find inner harmony. “More love, every day”, we often find ourselves reciting. Over the past few weeks, however, we’ve adopted a new mantra, “More pizza every day!”. And with the loving hands and creative minds of Karin and Ry Ry in our kitchen, their passion has culminated into a sheer explosion of some of the most breathtakingly flavorful and visually inspiring dinners, snacks, breads and, of course, pizzas, we’ve had the pleasure of nurturing ourselves with. So then, allow me to share with you just a mere fraction of their creations… (Drum roll, please).... Raw Cacao strawberry cookies, peanut butter banana coffee smoothies, chilled cucumber garlic mint soup, sun dried tomato cashew cream pasta, loaves of pesto kalamata olive stuffed breads, brown rice black bean burgers, mango coconut rice, countless salsa frescas, whole wheat carrot banana blueberry muffins, gluten free vegan cheesecake brownies, hand rolled tamales with chimichuri, raw vegan ice cream sandwiches, and homemade vegan parmesan basil cheese!! Ohhh momma, the eatin’s good.

The forest, as always, is bustling, and the energy is pouring itself throughout the forest. The bath house by the lake is coming along, and Frank recently adorned the doorway with a multi-layered sunburst constructed from re-purposed lumber from the new dome, and wood rediscovered behind the hidey hole. The garden is bursting with sunshine love, and Laeo recently visited us and lead a monstrous undertaking of freeing our blueberry patch from the tight grasp of vines and overgrowth. Twelve mallard ducklings have also joined us, and needless to say they couldn’t be cuter. Also, this past week the hostel held a massage therapy benefit as well as a yoga fundraiser, both of which brought in some truly wonderful guests, and allowed us to make a loving donation to our land trust.

In the upcoming week, visit with us again for an update on our gardens, as well as some exciting news about our soon to be updated refrigeration systems.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff