Forest Update December 2011

Posted December 26th, 2011

Happy holidays to you and yours.

December was a wonderful time for the hostel as we stoked the wood stoves and gathered around the fire pit sharing stories and ideas for a more harmonious existence. The pace has shifted to more introspection and personal development. Staff members have begun exploring instruments such as the banjo and the more exotic didgeridoo. The fall colors are finally here in the forest and our raking is more of a meditation as the forest is always resetting our canvas of walkways.

Our first event for December was a primitive skills workshop taught by Heather and Colbert who live completely off the grid in the swamps of Georgia near Moldova. The classes were wide ranging from improvisational clothing modification for sudden weather shifts, fire making, and all of the interesting uses for local fauna and flora. Colbert taught us that learning primitive skills are a priceless investment in our selves and keep us connected to the basics that sustain human existence. Colbert’s teachings are reflected in our bright low smoke fires outside and the abundant pine sap we use as antiseptic bandages for minor cuts.

The forest brought together many fresh and familiar faces to bring in this holiday season. The heart and soul kitchen was in constant motion as we had a selection of baked goods flowing out to happy guests all day. We had a wonderful ceremony in the glass house where we explored the true meaning of Christmas and its healing energies. We passed around an herbal tea of yarrow and local herbs whilst setting the intention for the coming new year. This was followed by singing, drumming, and periodically sharing revelations. We found the Christmas spirit in the simple bliss of being.

We are all very excited about the coming New Year in what is sure to be lively celebration on the days leading up to 2012!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff