Weekly Update 12/16/2010

Posted December 16th, 2010

The past week seemed longer than usual, but I’m sure that is related to how much time we have been spending inside. We recently had several nights in a row of below freezing temperatures and the warmth of the dome has been our best friend. We are excited to add that this warmth is now being provided by a brand new high-efficiency Buck Stove. Murray came by over the weekend and we installed a new chimney and got the thing running. All I can say is that it just couldn’t be anymore perfect for the space that it fills.

To reiterate how cold it really was, we dripped all of the faucets each night and they froze anyway. There was ice on the ground surrounding each faucet we dripped. Icicles formed in many places and the pond was completely frozen over. This cold weather is invigorating and just speaking for myself, I love it.

Productivity has not slowed and the Hostel is coming forward each day. We were blessed recently by a visit from a stellar trio of guys that brought a lot of effort to bear to some on-going projects, Frank & Jay Belo and Michael Carchietta. With their help, the chicken coop project has come to a close, a thorough clean-up of stray building materials has been undertaken and the windows have been installed in the new dome.

Lastly, we would like to send our love out to Marie Dussably. She has lived with us here for the past three months and has departed today on her way back to France. Her efforts here were tremendous and her inspiration tangible. One of her last projects involved taking a poll of guest satisfaction at the hostel over a period of time. We are happy to report that 100% of visitors claim to have had above average satisfaction with their days spent here. If we were into statistics I believe this number would correlate to the highest level of achievement you can reach for a goal! We are more than overwhelmed and blessed.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 12/6/2010

Posted December 6th, 2010

Okay let’s get this engine running again. It has been nearly a month since the last weekly update and lots has happened. For starters, the chickens at the Hostel are the proud new residents of a relocated coop and outdoor pen for roaming around in. This project was made possible by the Dharma Bums. A small ever changing group of travelers originating at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Thanks to Izzie and his crew we were able to realize a project in two days that could not have been possible without so many helping hands. We thank them dearly for their efforts as well as all of the kindness, music and enjoyment they brought to our lives during their stay.

After adding several roosters to the flock this year, we have been giving them some time to grow up and see who should take over as the top cock. The hens have been gracious and are starting to get relief as we slowly dwindle down the rooster count. I should mention that if there were ever a rooster that should be kept around its Frank. This rooster has more brains than most birds I’ve ever seen and is tough to boot. I woke up one late night to the sound of squawking and ran down the path as quickly as I could. Once I realized the coop had been left open I see white feathers everywhere. I turn the corner and come to find out that Frank has singlehandedly fought off a huge possum and is chasing it away. At the time there were at least five other much larger younger roosters in the coop hiding scared.

A few weeks ago the Hostel’s first ever kayak adventure on the Satilla river went over really well. The weekend began with an awesome presentation by Ms. Kellie Parr of the Satilla Riverkeeper. She even played a few songs for us, which left the crowd wanting more. We had a solid group of eighteen kayakers and perfect weather for a day on the water. Several first timers learned some useful stroke techniques from our guides from Southeast Adventure Outfitters and the river carried us at a leisurely pace down our nine mile run. Along the way we encountered many species of birds, a turtle and even a lone alligator sunning on a log. The variety of plant life was also quite a treat, especially the tupelo and cypress trees.

Thanksgiving was a great time at the Hostel this year. Plenty of guests arrived with food in their hands and smiles on their faces. One even brought a five gallon keg of home-brewed beer for the festivities. We are always thankful and so blessed for all of the abundance that exists here, but it is reassuring when others come willing to share that attitude on the national day of thanks.

As the cold has set-in we are bundling up and staying warm. The guest counts have slowly started to dwindle and we are finding the forest enchanted with silence and the sound of cool breezes. If you are looking for peace and a connection with nature, it is here. So give us a call to make a reservation, pack your bags and just do it. We will be here loving our neighbor and caring for the land.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff