Mind Body Spirit Retreat Aug.31- Sept.2

Posted August 21st, 2007

Only two weekends away, and limited space available for our annual Mind Body Spirit Retreat!

For all of you who can stay for this three day weekend experience, our workshops will start Friday night and continue on until Monday morning. If you do not want to miss the Poi making workshop make sure you’re here Friday night. Saturday we’ll start you off with some beginner yoga and guided meditation and then get your heart beat moving a bit faster with some Poi lessons and then move on to a guided exploration of breath and movement, leading up to healthier eating habits with a living foods and fermented foods workshop.We’ll also be tasting some of those living and fermented foods with our dinner Saturday night! Sunday we’ll again wake you up with a yoga and guided meditation session and have a brunch waiting for you after your class. A stained glass workshop and a workshop on herbal cleansers in the afternoon and another amazing hostel dinner! Monday morning we’ll start your day off right with some vinyasa yoga in the glass house, sending you home relaxed and rejuvenated from another beautiful Hostel weekend!!

On to other Hostel news, the sweat lodge is Tuesday the 28th, space is still available, call to make reservations for Monday if your interested in participating in the sweat on Tuesday.

A great big thank you to all the amazing guests this past week that helped in so many beautiful ways at the Hostel. The dome is being cared for, the gardens are being showered with love and the new pieces of art being found all over the Hostel is just what she needed! All the energy from the guests who show up aware and ready to fully participate in the community of the Hostel has been so wonderful, so thank you guys for everything you do here, the forest feels great right now and its because of you!

Until next time…

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Hot Hot Heat

Posted August 13th, 2007

The heat has come and it seems to be staying! The dog days of summer are finally here! And the Hostel staff and guests seem to be embracing it wholeheartedly, spending a lot of time in our beautiful lake, swimming, canoeing and hanging out on the dock. When the lake seems to be just too far away, and we’re in need of a quick cooling down a dip in the nicely chilled spring feed pool will do the trick! An afternoon nap, or catching up on some reading in a hammock under a shady tree seems to be the way to staying cool as well.

With so many wonderful projects getting finished up around here the last couple weeks Mattchew felt his time here for now was done and headed out today on his next adventure. Thanks for coming and all that you did!! Also Southwood our master of Jamaican cuisine has also moved on, returning to his full time job, so thank you Southwood for so many delicious meals!

Staff is once again dwindling to low counts, with out the help of our great work exchange things wouldn’t be getting done with so much care and attention, however more permanent staff would be just the kind of love the forest could use right now! So if your interested please send us an email or give us a call.

Thank you to the midwives that came here this weekend from the International Center for Traditional Child Bearing and gave some workshops on alternative child birth options and concerns of the womb. The feed back from the guests was great, they really enjoyed the topic and the information they were given.

Some things to be reminded of are the sweat lodge on the twenty eighth and the Mind Body and Spirit retreat starting the thirty first. Both events still have openings so call soon to hold yourself a spot!

Until next time,

May The Forest Be With You

Rain! Rain! Rain!

Posted August 6th, 2007

Despite the occasional sniffles, wet clothes and power tools the rain could not stop the hard working staff, work exchange and guests here at the hostel! The rain came, and stayed this week and so did the determination of everyone to get things done! Even on days when the rain never stopped, Erin lead a workshop on sewing covers for Cahiers (mini notebooks) and an educational film on planet earth was presented in the library while the rain continued to fall outside of the domes.

Also thank you to Scott and Nicole from Gainsvilles FL. for your helping hands in everything you were a part of while you were here! It was very much appreciated! With such great work exchange and our new gardener Carissa joining the Hostel team this week it was a productive time for us. With the help of John lending to what he has learned about the Hostel gardens and Carissa’s past experience on organic farms the Herb garden, Secret garden, Flower garden and Labyrinth all received so much tender loving care this week!

With the garden team so hard at work on one end of the forest, we had the Hostel guys (literally) running around hard at work on the other end of the forest. With so many projects to work on Hanoch, Mattchew, and Tree could be found working on several things at once. From the smaller things like light switches to the much larger projects like the new shower house floor and the expansion on the lake garden water tower. With the main shower house being rebuilt and out of service this past week we would like to thank the Hostel guests for their patience and also their adventurous spirits in using our two other showers!

So much is getting done just in time for our Mind Body and Spirit Retreat, people still interested in joining us that weekend please call and make reservations as soon as possible! Space for these weekends do fill up quickly! So if your interests are in fermented foods, fire poi, stain glass, yoga, meditation or dance don’t hesitate to call and join us for these workshops and more!

Until Next Time,
May The Forest Be With You
The Hostel Staff