The Spring Zing

Posted April 30th, 2007

The Hostel is enjoying the late spring, as it starts warming up. Less and less blankets are getting used at night, and the night is definitely arriving a bit later. We have, on recent warm evenings, gathered out on the screen porch for conversations, and games.

The spring animals are here as well. The whippoorwill is calling out in the forest nights, the butterflies are circling the gardens, and this author has recently seen their first hummingbird.

Our chicks are adjusting wonderfully to the outdoors, and are yet to have any predators. In other Hostel animal news, the goats have recently decided to be a bit more free range than we’d like. As a result, while we wait for a taller fence arrive, the goats are being cared for by friends in the local community.

We gathered on the front porch on Friday night with our new projector. We spent the proceeding two hours learning who may have been responsible for who killed the electric car. There may be future events at The Hostels Front Porch Drive In, so stay tuned…

There is now a fire update on this web site, it will be useful to all of you at home who may be worried. It will also provide the Hostel Team with information need as well, for this morning was the first time the forest was smoky. Although it cleared out quickly, and the fire is some miles away, it was quite disturbing to see as you rise to the morning. So please everyone continue to send your energy to bring rain to The Hostel…

That is it for now Hostelers,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

The Dry South

Posted April 23rd, 2007

Hey Hostellers,

Many of our readers and friends at home have recently written or called about the South GA fires. We are doing just fine at the moment and see no reason to worry. The fires are occurring west of us and the smoke is being blown mostly south and having more of an affect on Florida than us. There is a fire warning out for our local area, but this is due more to the drought we have experienced over the last year more so than from the fires spreading in our direction. For this reason we at the Hostel will be taking precautions like asking smokers to be aware of their butts, and ash. We will also be taking some precautionary measures with our fire pits and have even considered not using them at all. There will be a sign at the main dome notifying the Hostellers upon arrival of these circumstances and what they can do to help.

Despite these circumstances we have remained productive here at The Hostel. The Mister Garden is mid-transition from winter garden to spring garden. The Lake Garden has been re-fenced to include the no-till garden; the standard half has been planted, as the no till receives its final preparations. A new poo pile is on its way, and humanure is being further spread to the spring and summer flower gardens. We even have flowers surrounding Miss Louise’s Porch now!

Our arts weekend was fun and relaxed. The Hostel artists started their day with Mikey, making art in the front yard a la Andy Goldsworthy. The abstract is still sitting there as this writer types. Then Ken taught the cool crochet crew some basics for the newbies and a few new tricks to the rest. Finally a surprise to the staff as well as the guests, Brook, a visitor from Orlando, led a group on Hoolah Hooping, until the participants were dizzy with glee.

In Animal News we let the baby chicks out of the coop today! They are scurrying around learning their new terrain and a few of the older chicks have been watching in bewilderment of their chirps and youthful energy.

We also have been blessed with many wonderful donations this last week, candles, sheets, polaroid film and even a bead set for all the Dream Catchers being made around here. We would like to thank all of you who donated your kind gifts.

Finally We would like to ask you all a special favor. Go back to the first paragraph, look at our duck pond, research our weather pattern, all of these will make obvious the drought we are having and its effect on the local area. If all of you at home, and planning a trip to the Hostel, could hope for rain, we would appreciate it. Envision rain for your visit. Envision rain while you are away. Maybe if everybody believes it will rain enough, we just might raise the current water bed… but think rain… not storms.

That is it for now Hostelers,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

News from the Woods

Posted April 16th, 2007

Hello Hostelers! Finally after quite a while the Hostel has gotten some rain. Those big storms along the east coast ran over the hostel finally dampening the dusty soil. Although it was brief, and anticipate more rain, we are excited with the rain we have recieved. On a similar note the weather has been jumping around some nights incredibly warm whilst others are still bitterly cold. Last night in fact it dipped back into the forties.

The baby chickens, which have been moved to the top of the coop, fared well on their first cold night and we are greatful to say that we didn’t lose any to the chill. The chick overpopulation has also begun to sort itself out. Mikey, Joey, Karen as well as Hostellers, Mia, Alex and Tony helped to sort the chicks into two coops. On one side there is a diverse group that the Hostel will hold onto, including our chicks we hatched here at the Hostel. The other side of the coop has about 35 chicks that will be dispursed to neighboring farms, and communities where they will live much as they do here at the hostel.

This weekends fermentation workshops were quite personal and the few attendees enjoyed the focused attention. The many wonderful and bright children that have joined us this week joined Mikey and Caren in some group games and a nature hike around the Hostel. There was much fun to be had and this writer as as well as the rest of the team have only been amazed at the brilliant children that have visited so far this month. We would like to that all those kids for what they have taught us here in the “adult world”.

The gardens are also in a great time of transition as our winter crops are being phased out as our fresh new sprouts for the summer season are being implemented. Thanks to Joey and Jeremy the Lake Garden fence has been expanded upon, absorbing the No-Till-Garden into its grasp. This will keep the new veggie starts from garden predetors like bunnies, and armadillos.

Also we would like your help. If any of you are interested, we are currently beginning plans for our Second Annual Artist Retreat. If you are interested in teaching a workshop or leading a group activity for this event at the end of May please contact Mikey or Ken.

We are also looking for pictures of Miss Louise to add to a book we are making in her honor. This book will be placed in Miss Louise’s front porch for all to learn of Louise, Willy, her porch and ultimately the everlasting impact she has had on The Hostel in the Forest.

That is it for now Hostelers,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

A Week with the Family

Posted April 11th, 2007

This week at The Hostel, we have been fortunate to have many great families staying with us. Some of these families have come from as far away as England. Their children have been absolutely delightful. It is amazing how much children have to teach us so called adults.

The family of goats have been relocated out to the lake right near our new Teepee, and Goatrude has been sent of with our friendly vet to hopefuly put her on the way to having kids of her own.

The baby chickens have been relocated from the dark (and now smelly) Hid-E-hole to the top of the chicken coop. They are growing oh so fast as many of them have their first feathers growing.

The Hostel staff has been mostly working on some basic maintenance and repairs around the Hostel but we are proud to say that some of our lush humanure has been moved out to the Mystic Oak and also in the new flower bed at Ms Louise’s Porch. The flowers are coming soon!

May The Forest Be With You… The Hostel Staff

Warmth of the Spirit

Posted April 3rd, 2007

Wow the weeks can really fly by here at the Hostel, especially when we are having fun. This weekend wrapped up our Annual Spiritual Retreat. It went off with out a hitch. The hostelers passing through were led by brilliant teachers on their spiritual paths, and made some deep friendships in the process. We would like to start off this update thanking all of our instructors for their time as well as for their gifts that they shared.

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