Summer's around the corner

Posted April 24th, 2006


It’s starting to get warm here as summer grows closer with each moment and the days break into the 90s. The first beads of sweat have definitely been found in the sun of the gardens, although they haven’t quite made their way to the tranquil life of the shady hostel front porch. With heat here, comes the ongoing swimming bliss of the pool and the lake, which each already feel incredible. In preparation for this year’s chapter of summer, we drained the entire pool this past week and gave it a thorough cleaning, rescuing 100s of gigantic tad poles and minnows. Two all-star hostellers, Daniel and Royce, were on the front lines of the operation. Thank you guys a ton for your help! We also had a baby chick hatch from one of our chickens about 8 days ago. Quite a treat! It’s just recently made its way from the coup to the grounds of the hostel as mother follows closely by its side. Everyone really enjoyed the breathing and meditation workshop of this past weekend with one of our previous managers, Rob Jacoby, and further details of our Memorial Day artist retreat are just around the corner. Until we’re blessed with your presence here,

May the Forest be with You


Crossroads of Paradise

Posted April 17th, 2006


The egg shell of spring has completely broken as this year�s new life develops toward summer. We�ve grown rather accustomed to the morning alarm of birds chirping in the trees as well as the plethora of reptiles abound, each mysteriously scurrying along the forest floor as we cross their paths on the hostel trails. The lake has reached perfection with just a hint of chill as it slowly warms towards its bath water temperature of mid summer and the bugs are still at bay. These are truly fine days.

Our weekend workshops have been quite a treat. Ken Stewart shared many of his talents with us a couple weeks ago and the Jazz Festival in Jacksonville was an absolute blast last weekend! This past Thursday, we were blessed by a grand full moon as well as Travis Bowman, a previous manager, who led a sweat lodge that was as impeccable as ever. We�re looking forward to the breathing workshop this coming Saturday and various yoga instructors who will be sharing their skills with us in the coming future. Our eight weeks of spring break will be coming to a close soon as most public schools will have completed their break. We still expect to be quite busy on weekends and fill up a couple weeks in advance for the rest of the spring and summer. Plans are still in the making for our Memorial Day artist retreat and we have a couple slots open for instructors. If you have a skill and are interested in sharing it with us, please give us a call.

We�ve had some really great families come through over the last couple weeks that were not only an incredible help to the hostel while they were here, but also an inspiration to each of us for the future of the world. You guys know who you are! Thank you greatly!

As spring grows closer to summer, we look forward to having each of you join us here in this crossroads of paradise.

May the Forest be with You