Work Exchange Guidelines

We occasionally have a need for some extra help at the Hostel and we are willing to trade a few overnights for a dedicated hard-working individual, but only if we have a project in need of extra hands. We will post on the Wish List page if this is available.

Once on work exchange you will be expected to help out in all areas of the day-to-day running of the Hostel.

We each have a chore that is done daily. Some of these are laundry, recycling, compost tech. working in the kitchen or the garden. Once on work exchange usually the first chore assigned is laundry. There is always plenty to do. Its work, but its fun – which for volunteers can be virtually the same thing.

Often we have several organized projects being worked on. Most of the volunteers leave with a new set of skills and life changing experiences. Volunteers stay in whatever accomodations we have available at that time. Excess garden produce is also available to volunteers and left overs are sometimes available for lunch.

We have a unpredictable rotation of work exchange and so it is hard to tell when help will be needed.