Feature Chicken: Lindsay Dec 2018

Our featured Chicken is the beautiful and precocious Lindsay. For those of you who are Arrested Development fans, it will delight you to know that our three Barred Plymouth Rock sisters were named Lindsay, Maeby, and Gangy. Lindsay has a bigger comb than the rest, or as we like to say, she’s the one with the “hair”. Lindsay is a lover of people food, and will be your best friend should you choose to munch your snacks on our front porch. She is very curious and will stick around you if there is the possibility she might be able to snag a bite of whatever you are eating. Lindsay seems to enjoy human company and will often study someone to see what they are up to while she relaxes near the main dome. She is very talkative and is sure to steal your heart if you are looking for a feathered friend to keep you company.