Awakening Harmony Weekend Feb 14th-16th.

Posted January 12th, 2020

This Valentine’s Day weekend, join the Awakening Harmony team of Josh Fox L.Ac, Life coach Jon Handelman, and Somatic movement therapist Zara at the unbelievable Hostel in the Forest for an incredible and inspiring weekend of song, ceremony, deep connection, personal growth, art therapy, and dynamic movement that will empower and deepen your relationship with your self, your voice, your body, your community, and your soul purpose.

The weekend begins Friday afternoon with an opening circle that blends together songs, authentic relating games, and light cooperative movement. From there, we continue on through a musical journey of group activities that will deepen our understanding of ourselves, be able to share in our authentic selves, embrace our joys, face our fears, and connect to our most profound truths.

Tickets include 2 vegetarian brunches, 2 vegetarian dinners, and 2 nights stay at this magical gem of Southern Georgia, a tree house village that is as beautiful as it is memorable.

What you will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of who you are
  • More clarity about your life purpose
  • A stronger connection to your voice
  • A greater sense of confidence in being vulnerable
  • A renewed sense of creativity
  • Heightened awareness of your body
  • A genuine feeling of community

Tickets are limited to 30 participants. Each ticket is $250. These are Early-bird registration prices and are available until January 15, 2020. To register, call the hostel at (912) 264-9738. Office hours of the Hostel are 10AM-6PM.

For more information, visit:

What people have been saying:

“I was blown away by the strong sense of community, by both the leaders and participants. We all felt safe opening up to each other. The ceremony was very cleansing and the music was extremely powerful. I hope to be back soon.” – J.Y. Jersey City, NY

“Experiences like this, this is the good stuff. The juiciness of life, it’s “hard,” it’s deep, it’s worth doing, it’s necessary for evolution and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it. Progress is a process and this is a great way to do that.” – T.F. West Virginia

About the Facilitators:

Josh Fox, L.Ac has built a life around the healing powers of plants, people, and community. He weaves herbalism, song, and acupuncture into his private practice, and writes music that uplifts the heart, honors his plant allies, and tickles the human spirit. In the same gentle, grounded nature in which he receives patients, he regularly holds group ceremony space around grief, heart-healing, and song-sharing.

Jon is a Life coach who has taught, inspired, and connected with people all around the world. With an unmatched quality of presence, engaging techniques, and a genuinely fierce commitment to helping people fully realize and live their true potential, he helps guide groups towards meaningful depth and vulnerability in exciting and impactful ways.

Zara has been experimenting with, gathering and sharing techniques that enliven our sense of inner and outer awareness. She quit a PhD in psychology to pursue more of what made her heart sing and eventually become a somatic movement therapist. She has been teaching movement in various forms for 10 years on four continents.