Organic vs Conventional Foods: This presentation will be based on recent evidence for the advantages of consuming foods from organic farming practices compared to conventional farming practices. Recent evidence points to higher nutrient value in some organically grown products. There is also evidence that there are lower pesticide residues in people who consume organic produce compared to those who consume conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. This is some of the evidence that will be presented in this talk. No charge for this event, but a small contribution to the Hostel Land Trust would be appreciated.

Dave Lake is a professor in the Rehabilitation Sciences Department at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah. He is a physical therapist and holds a PhD in physiology. He has had a long-standing interest in obesity and the control of obesity through diet and exercise. He has taught this subject to doctoral students for the past several years. This past year, organized and moderated several panel discussions focused on sustainable agriculture and gave a Strozier Faculty Lecture at Armstrong on the effects of salt and sugar in our diet on personal health. This past June he gave a TEDx-Creative Coast talk on the advantages of sustainable agriculture.

The Art of Coffee Saturday Oct 12 th.

The Hostel’s special Tree House Blend is roasted by PERC Coffee We are fortunate enough to have Spencer Perez, head of QC at PERC, who will be sharing four African coffees that display a range of flavors influenced by processing, terroir, and variety. Hario, a Japanese glassware company, makes the V60 filter cone. “It’s one of my favorite brew methods for the degree of manipulation it affords the user and it’s how I’ll be preparing each of the four coffees. The demo will also serve as a primer on home brewing theory, a subject I think intimidates many coffee drinkers who probably don’t realize how easy it is to make an incredible cup on the cheap”. No charge for this event, but a small contribution to the Hostel Land Trust would be appreciated.

Spencer has been working with coffee since he was 15. “I’d never seen an espresso machine, but I really took to the endless intrigue of the coffee process and frequently reaped the benefits of my dedication to the craft. I was constantly strung-out from late-night brewing experiments. I got an ulcer. After my folks went to bed, I’d smother the dial-up modem with pillows to read espresso theory instead of doing geometry homework. I failed geometry. In the summer of 2010, PERC Coffee came to Savannah. In Philip Brown, owner and roaster at PERC, I found a friend and mentor whose passion and ideology were aligned with my own. We are open-minded, driven, and uncompromising in our quest to discover and share great coffee with our community in Savannah and across the universe. We are relentlessly pursuing the perfect cup.