In this educational and inspiring weekend we will focus on one of the most important elements of any efficient permaculture system: nutrient upcycling. We will show you invaluable ways to not only keep nutrients from exiting a system but additionally how to create specific ways of bringing the nutrients back to the top of the system. The primary permaculture principles and ethics will be discussed throughout the weekend. Whether you are new to permaculture or have your design certificate and are looking for more experience, this intensive will supply you with the tools you need to help make any food system you create more efficient and abundant! Additionally, both Richard and Marcus are Yoga instructors so there will certainly be a class thrown in there somewhere!

Sessions begin Friday evening and run through Sunday afternoon

Sessions will encourage discussion and interaction and include: the installation and explanation of two permaculture systems which encourage the cycling of nutrients at the Hostel, class room time with thorough explanation of permaculture, Q & A, and more!

Cost: $100 for the weekend which includes all workshop fees and the stay at the gorgeous Hostel in the Forest and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. You will need to bring food for breakfast and lunch.

Bring note taking material to get the most out of the weekend!

BE SURE TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE Contact the Hostel 912-264-9738

Richard G. Powell is a life-long naturalist, certified Permaculturalist, activist and a yoga instructor. Born and raised in Amish country and then in Central Florida, Richard has worked both domestically and internationally on sustainable agriculture and Permaculture projects. His personal passion is the radical activism of daily life when lived boldly in line with our highest principles and in harmony with the natural world. Richard is the founder of the Orlando Center for Urban Permaculture ( and currently lives in Orlando, FL. He assists in teaching Permaculture Design Courses and workshops throughout Florida, gives permaculture consultations, and aides others in becoming as self-sufficient and independent as possible.

Marcus Thomson (Deva) is the founder and lead teacher (specializing in adult learning) with Permaculture Miami – generating sustainable designs and new designers since 2008 throughout south Florida and the world. He has produced many permaculture design projects and has lead countless workshops, events, courses and retreats in India, Thailand and Australia to Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and throughout the US. He has written over 30 blogs on his experience (in preparation for a book release) and has several articles written about him in the New Times, Natural Awakenings as well as TV interviews about his accomplishments in Miami. With hundreds of his students now expanding permaculture in our world, Marcus aims to integrate more centers for sustainable living branding Permaculture as a significant solution in today’s Re-generation!

Ethnobotanical Intensive with Mycol Stevens & Marc Williams June 14-16 2013

Come prepared to have your brains explode with great practical ecological and fermentation knowledge where Marc and Mycol come back to their favorite classroom at the Hostel!

Mycol Stevens has a (pun) masters in aquatic ecology and has worked as a restoration ecologist/botanist for the Florida Fish and Game across the state of FL since 2004. He has traveled much of Central and South America and Africa, and has learned from some of the best teachers including Frank Cook and Robert Hunsicker. Mycol has been teaching ethnobotany and edible mushrooms since 2005. He also lives off-the-grid on an “ecocentric” permaculture homestead where he eats from the wild almost daily and propagates and cultivates his own organic foods. Mycol’s philosophy is to ween off the “system” and to eat your food as medicine. Mycol has been inspired by the Hostel since the mid 90’s and much of its philosophy is reflected in his way of life. Knowing the living world around you, connects you to the living world. Mycol hosts (Willing Workers On Oraganic Farms, (WWOOFers) at his finca. Contact him if you are interested in visiting. He also is the host of the Florida Earthskills Gathering in February and annual mushroom teaching in July on the Finca. Many a poor pun is often interjected to inject fun in his teachings…be forewarned!

Marc Williams is an ethnobotanist. He has studied plants intensively while learning to use them for food, medicine, biological conservation, and beauty. His training includes a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies concentrating in Sustainable Agriculture from Warren Wilson College and a Master’s degree in Appalachian Studies concentrating in Sustainable Development with a minor in Geography and Planning from Appalachian State University. Marc’s major research in graduate school focused on the most useful plants of Appalachia. However it is clear that a holistic appreciation of nature irrespective of utility will be necessary to create the new paradigm that are current global situation calls for. He has since spent significant time learning the plants of the Western U.S. and tropical regions as well. Marc has spent over a decade working at a multitude of restaurants, various farms, and travels throughout 23 countries in North/Central America and Europe and 49 of the United States of America. In those travels he has visited over 70 of the best botanical gardens in the world. He has taught hundreds of people about the marvelous lives of plants and their respective uses. Marc first came to the Hostel in the Forest in March of 1998 and was immediately transformed through a first time sweat lodge experience with Tom Dennard the hostel founder. Like Mycol many of the principles that make the Hostel in the Forest such a special place have informed his expression of life in this world ever since. Further info can be found at where an online botany class in the tradition of Frank Cook is conducted by donation.

Teachings will start Friday evening and end Sunday afternoon.
Workshops will include:
Botany 101 presentation, Wild Foods/Medicines walk, Super Food preparation presentation, Botanical Beach/estuary Walk, Fermentation Overview with Honey Mead Making and a Permaculture Ecological restoration talk. Botanical slide shows of various parts of the world including Latin America, Africa and Europe are also possible.
The cost will be $100 per person, which includes accommodations at the Hostel for the Friday and Saturday night as well as a beautiful vegetarian dinner on both nights. Make sure to call ahead to reserve your spot!!! Sundays beach venture ride shares to the beach which is 5$ a car load.
Bring your notebook, any relevant books you have, a camera, a loupe if you have one, water bottle, rain coat etc. Handouts will be provided.
“Teach a man to fish, ya got food for life. Let your food be your medicine.”
“The forests and fields are a table always spread” Henry Thoureau