April Magill, founder of Root Down Desgns, will be leading the group as we work to complete the massage studio started during the MUDDY WEEKEND RETREAT in July (view photos here). In the July workshop we built with Cob, Wattle-n-Daub, Wine Bottle work, and several other methods. Come and join us on September 15th as we finish out the Earth work, transform, and beautify this structure through various Natural Building methods; learn how to:

~ sculpt with cob
~ Bas Relief work
~ prep and prepare earthen walls for finish plasters
~ Earthen Plaster (clay plaster)
~ Earthen Paints (clay paint)
~ Mosaic Work
~ Lime Wash

Participants will learn how to turn local soil and sand into building materials! We will sculpt, design, and create together! All participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to return home and begin their own Natural Building projects!

Saturday 8:45 am – meet in the library dome for a quick introduction & presentation
MUD WORK! – 9:30am – 6pm (bring a lunch and enjoy it while sitting next to the pool or lake)
Dinner & a tree house (lodging)


$75/person for Workshop which includes accommodation and dinner for Saturday night, all materials and instructions for the workshop.

What else???
When you’re not building with mud, enjoy hiking through 133 acres of forested land, swimming in a fresh water lake, kayaking and canoeing, camping in a tree house, walking through the labyrinth, sitting next to the camp fire, and cooking in a cob kitchen!!! And much much more!!!