Come join Fox and friends for a transformative healing retreat! Explore living medicines through our connections with the plants and with each other. Vibrant, hands-on activities will provide useful knowledge and guide spiritual and interpersonal exploration. This year, Fox will be joined by Luke Learningdeer, Sarahanne Amason, and other gifted instructors dedicated to their medicine paths. Look forward to plant walks, heart-healing ceremony, medicine making, healing by touch, fantastic meals, morning cultivation, loving interactions, and lots of plant medicine (both physical and spiritual).

Price is $115 with a $25 dollar deposit. Please visit this website to make payment pleas go here

How to meet your needs for Shelter, Water, Fire and Food

Whether you want to survive a crisis situation or thrive in economically challenging times, knowing how to meet our own basic needs makes us more fully human. In this retreat weekend you will learn to be more aware of your environment and how you can provide shelter, water, fire and food in the wilderness or on the fringes of civilization. The world around you will never look the same.

Friday after dinner we will seek to understand how to use fire to our advantage. Around the fire we will open our minds to see everyday objects from new perspectives and discuss the possibilities of what we can learn together over the weekend.

Saturday morning we will take some lessons from the animals to increase our awareness of every situation and we will learn an ancient tradition of connecting more deeply with the land around us.

Saturday afternoon we’ll enter the mind-space of a survival situation and together figure out what our next steps are. We’ll learn some key basic skills that could save your life.

Sunday morning we’ll learn how increasing our awareness and focusing our minds can make us lost-proof, and then we’ll close with how to take our new skills and experiences back to our everyday lives.

This weekend will cover the first three steps of survival situations (shelter, water and fire) and will touch on the last step: food. Sunday afternoon and evening as most people are heading out we can have more casual conversations about food sources such as trapping, wild edibles, gleaning, etc.

Never fear the woods again.

Suggested donation, sliding scale: $10 – $50