A weekend tribal revival – A comprehensive retreat, a safe container, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Come to the Hostel in the Forest to learn and be the human “soft” technologies of liberation. 11 hours of co-counseling immersion, training, and catharsis; sweatlodge; sound healing; yoga greif and renewal ceremony, and ecstatic dance. Come away with tight community connections, and skills to empower yourself, your relationships, your community, and the world.

Arrive on thursday evening before 6pm to begin our immersion, depart liberated 6pm sunday afternoon!

SweatLodge poured and called in by: Sue Ellen Camden Lee
~Yoga Grief and Renewal Ceremony offered by: Brian Winslett, Intuitive Integrative Yoga Teacher
~Sound Healing offered by : Peter Levitov
~Co-counseling immersion facilitated by: Eric Hawes & Luke Tsuga Learningdeer
~Ecstatic Dance Mix provided by: Nat Allister

$156 includes 3 nights at the Hostel, organic gluten free meals, and liberation celebration!

make your deposit and ensure your spot here, attendance caps at 30:

rsvp on facebook and coordinate rides with your community: http://on.fb.me/SpblXV

Learn more about co-counseling here: http://rc.org/

BRIAN WINSLETT – Brian has been practicing Yoga since 2001 and earned his 230 hour teacher training certification at the Asheville Yoga Center in 2008. He is now working on his RYT500 hour certification. His first and most influential teacher was in the Kripalu tradition but he has specifically made Yoga is own path and continues to study with a wide variety of teachers from differing traditions. He follows the path of integration of diverse styles of yoga and believes in personal innovation, as that was the path of the great Yogis of the past century. As an activist, entrepreneur, community organizer, and teacher of permaculture and sustainability issues, Brian learned first hand how life passions, stress, caffeine induced adrenal fatigue, family duties, modern life, and one’s own shadow self can leave us depleted and virtually crippled in various ways as we age if we do not show up to a practice of union with self. At age 23, Brian began to have extreme back pain due to scoliosis combined with the above elements of an overly ambitious life. It was through an intuitive journey of personal Yoga practice and healing arts that he was able to heal his condition to live a pain free life. At several points in his 10 years of practicing yoga, Brian dropped his Yoga and meditation practice for other passionate pursuits, succumbing to the illusion of “not enough time to practice”. Each time the pain in his back and the associated depression and lethargic shadow self returned. In 2007, he began realized how to change his relationship to his back condition by to holding compassionate gratitude for his back pain and what he calls his “Conscious Life Practices Barometer”. “My back tells me when I am not living my life consciously. That is, I am not doing my Yoga consistently enough.” Brian began teaching Yoga as a way to “show up” to his practice as a vehicle of service, hoping to give the gift of intuitive self healing that he has discovered for himself. He has experimented intuitively and successfully with methods of self administered myofascial and muscular massage, as well as being a life long enthusiasts of nutrition, especially foods and herbal medicines from local and wild harvested sources. His Yoga philosophy is blended with spirituality of this gritty earth gift.

PETER LEVITOVARTIST STATEMENT I am moved by all things Lovely, Beautiful, and Harmonious. My heart is most deeply touched by sound, healing, family, community, travel, learning and teaching. As a musician, I experience sound as an awakening force. Authentic sound awakens a sense of Unity, Unity with the Earth and all Life everywhere- all people, traditions, and beliefs. Within this Unity resides our highest truth, the deepest Healer. Music returns me to my body, restores my relationship with my senses, and reminds me I am connected and whole. I view all of Life as a symphony, every aspect of form and energy playing a part in Divine composition. I believe that the physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease we experience personally and globally, is rooted in our ideas of separateness. As such, my intention is to create sounds which invite the listener’s true place in the symphony to emerge, sounds which invite the soul’s return to wholeness and awaken the body’s innate ability to heal itself. As an educator, the process of honoring Unity with the earth and all Life everywhere has naturally led me to place the highest value on learning how to learn. Listening and open inquiry quicken intelligence and create an environment which is inspiring and fun. To re-discover and re-define the way music is experienced; expand our ideas about how music is felt and heard; consciously include all faculties of perception in the making process; explore the places where light, color, movement, sound and silence meet– these are inquiries I am excited to lead. I hope for my students to surpass me in understanding, wisdom, and skill and discover that they themselves are inspired to educate others. BIO: Peter Alexander Levitov is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and improvisational composer. His soundscapes explore a broad range of instrumentation, from ancient to contemporary, creating restorative environments that support personal growth and healing. Peter’s music has been inspired by Tibetan, Sufi, and Indigenous healing sound traditions for nearly a decade. He has played for children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders, and created sound-space for 5-Rhythms and Ecstatic Dance events. He also teaches didgeridoo, intuitive rhythm, and facilitates his own ‘Restorative Sound’ concerts and interactive workshops. A sincerely devoted healing sound artist, Peter practices and continues to study not only music, but also a wide range of healing modalities, ever-deepening his awareness of healing process. He is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Thai Massage, a Reiki instructor, and a student of Ayurvedic healing and Yoga. His first CD, “Dark Water”, (a collaboration with Marc Hennessy, John David Erickson, Corwin Klein and Drew Doer) is due to be released in late 2012.

SUE ELLEN CAMDEN LEE – The Sweat Lodge Ceremony is a purification ceremony to pray for cleansing, healing and direction. It is sacred and serious.

ERIC HAWES – Loving attention is everywhere in the universe. it is the energy of nourishment and love:: loving attention sustains all life, heals all wounds, and removes all blockages. We access it through being receptive, and allowing it into our hearts. By beginning to accept loving attention we approach to a state of sacred embodiment. our bodies are infused with a feeling of presence and belonging in the world. Sinking into the feeling of living in this present: the moment of now, we are able to fully feel loving attention. In this state we no longer worry about the past or future. We are imbued with a sense of life’s precious gift in tension with our closeness to death. With this, our most human need met, we are able to begin to transform, heal, co-create, and share this healing feeling with others.

Eric Hawes – Spiritual Director, (through training w/ Gaia University International. thanks to rc.org and harvey jackins for the inspiration and teachings)

LUKE TSUGA LEARNINGDEER – Herbalist, storyteller, earth love extraordinaire

Learn to install a garden that once installs provides food season after season with very little work! No watering, No Fertilizing, No weeding, No pesticides, No herbicides, Yeah, I said No WATERING! Learn how to plant, harvest, propagate and utilize the perennial-based system once you’ve installed it. Learn about some great plants to include in your garden to give yourself food, establish an insect balance and bring natural fertility to your system. Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Bring breakfast, lunch and drinks. Wear rough clothes and gloves, (a hat would be good too). Bring shovels.

Instructor Bio:

Alex Ojeda has done many live speaking engagements on the subjects of Permaculture and regenerative and resilient living (some would call this Sustainable living) throughout North Florida. He has experience in conventional gardening techniques for over a decade now, however, as of two years ago, he’s switched to exclusively using permaculture techniques. Alex has been an adjunct professor at Florida State College at Jacksonville and produced seminars for many different subjects. Alex is very interested in sharing the experiences that he’s had while moving his life toward a lower-impact system. His main goal is to move to a completely full-circle, natural, regenerative and resilient life and hopes that he can make it easy for others to do so too.

Saturday evening check-in $50 – includes Hostel stay Saturday night with dinner and all materials and instructions for the workshop.

Sunday: 9AM, presentation. Receive handouts. 10:30AM Break, 11AM meet back at Dome and begin walk to the garden area 2pm, finish installation

When you’re not installing a garden, enjoy hiking through 133 acres of forested land, swimming in a fresh water lake, kayaking and canoeing, camping in a tree house, walking through the labyrinth, sitting next to the camp fire, and cooking in a cob kitchen!!! And much much more!!!