July / August Workshops

Posted June 2nd, 2011

August Workshops

Friday August 5th through Sunday August 7th – Hostel’s Children’s Retreat

Join us in the forest for an uplifting weekend focused on nurturing our children’s creativity while teaching them everything from language arts, ecology, environmental studies and mathematics at the Hostel’s Children’s Retreat. Qadija Tatim-Aamir, an environmental artist and educator with an immense range of teaching experience, will be leading the retreat. She is a Master Naturalist certified in Early Childhood Education, as well as the lead teacher for the Museum of Arts and Sciences and the Nature Director for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia. She is a bold woman passionate about shattering education walls, and we couldn’t be more excited about her joining us. Class offerings include mandala making, spirit sticks, communicating with nature, and natural sculpture, a screening of “Rivers and Tides”, as well as a discussion on the the education of natural children. Accommodations will still be $25 per night for adults, but the cost for all classes, accommodations Friday and Saturday night, and lunch for the little ones will be $60 per child 7-14, and $30 for children 6 and under.