Spooncarving Workshop January 17th. 2011

Posted January 13th, 2011

Jan Harm ter Brugge is an industrial designer who decided to start making things with fine materials and great tools in a very nice environment. In his words, “Spooncarving is a complex combination of different aspects to me: For one part it’s about the completeness of the process of producing a simple product- from selecting an appropriate 10 yr old birchtree in the forest, followed by respectfully felling and slaughtering for usable parts, to finishing a product: scraping it smooth and afterwards submerging it for some days in linseedoil. Spooncarving has some ritual aspects as well: making a humble but usable product, fit for everyday use by yourself, perfecting methods and design, every time through the same steps.

Working this way always comes with risk and doubt- your skills have to be proven time and time again: always a challenge to succeed. The process is not too long or tedious, and will become shorter in time. A simple small scoop can eventually be made within half an hour, a Swedish porridgespoon in half a day. Finishing a spoon gives special pleasure, after the linseedoil has after days of saturation in oil made a spoon partially translucent and you finally have the product of your work in your hands to use it.

In the course of time, my horizon shifted. I can see better and better what it’s about: form, function and material in interaction with myself as creator. I know for sure that I can go on for years from now, in search of further skills and quality. There is more to learn, always. Spooncarving is a way to focus, forget everything else, to concentrate while following a yet unknown route. And finally, the carving of spoons and in broader perspective working with fresh wood offers an excellent way to plug into ones local history. We humans have done things like this for thousands of years.”

More information can be found at his website.

This workshop will be free of charge to all guests that are interested in participating (8 max.).