The Hostel in the Forest is hosting a fundraising retreat on the weekend of May 21-23 2010. Guests should plan to arrive early Friday evening to share in our scrumptious, wholesome (vegan) communal dinner. The cost of the retreat, including dinners for both nights, Saturday and Sunday brunch, and all yoga classes will be $100 per person. We have a limit on the number of guests we can accommodate for the event so please sign up early…Proceeds from the event will be contributed to the Hostel’s Land Trust to assist in the acquisition of land adjacent to the Hostel.

Friday May 21st. Night - Meditative and Contemplative Practice – After dinner on Friday night we’ll gather for a candlelit Meditation practice with healer, massage therapist and yoga instructor Lucy Lynch.

Saturday May 22nd. Morning - NIA with Dragana Zappia – NIA, an acronym for Now I Am, is a practice to condition, heal and express your self through movement and sensation. It is a dynamic blend of nine movement forms incorporating the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts like Jazz, T’ai Chi and Yoga. Dragana, a native of Serbia and Montenegro, is a healer through energy movement, Reiki practitioner and Feng Shui consultant.

Saturday Afternoon Karma Yoga Project – The tradition of yoga includes “Karma Yoga,” which translates as “selfless service.” Saturday afternoon we will join together to work on ongoing projects at the hostel.

Saturday Late Afternoon Yin Yoga Class – Before dinner on Saturday we’ll gather for a Yin Yoga practice led by Brent of the Yoga Co-op in Savannah. Yin is an all level practice, suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners. We’ll explore specific postures that are held for 3-5 minutes to access the dense, connective tissue of the joints; typically in the hips, lower back and sacrum area. Yin’s long holds help develop mental discipline and help create greater self-awareness.

Saturday Evening Labyrinth Walk/Meditation – After dinner on Saturday we will gather at the labyrinth for a candlelit walking meditation. When walking a labyrinth, you meander back and forth, turning 180 degrees as you enter each new circuit. When you shift your direction in this way, you also shift your awareness from the right brain to left brain. This is one of the reasons the labyrinth is believed to induce receptive states of consciousness. It is also said help to balance the chakras.

Sunday May 23rd Morning Sunrise Vinyasa Practice – Vinyasa yoga links each pose with the breath, creating a flowing, meditative practice. Longer holds on some poses will allow for time to find precision and alignment in each pose. Arm balances and/or inversions may be introduced awakening the morning with Christine of the Yoga Co-op in Savannah.

This intends to be a weekend of shared wisdoms, magical food, serene environment and healing of body, mind, and spirit and as a valuable fundraiser for the preservation of land adjacent to the Hostel.


Upcoming Events

Posted April 18th, 2010

We are currently planning new events to take place at the Hostel over the coming weeks. Details of these will be published very soon.