Mycol Stevens has a masters in aquatic ecology and has worked as a botanist for the past 4 years for the FWC throughout FL. He has traveled much of Central and South America and Africa, and has learned from some of the best teachers including Frank Cook whom recently passed.

Marc Williams is an ethnobotanist. He has studied plants intensively while learning to use them for food, medicine, and beauty. His training includes a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies concentrating in Sustainable Agriculture from Warren Wilson College, over a decade working at a multitude of restaurants, various farms, and travels throughout 22 countries in North/Central America and Europe. Marc has taught hundreds of people about the marvelous world of plants and their respective uses. In May he will receive a master’s degree in Appalachian Studies concentrating in Sustainable Development with a minor in Geography and Planning from Appalachian State University. His thesis is on the most useful food plants of Appalachia.

Amongst the fresh blooms and new life of local spring flora, workshops will include a Botany 101 presentation, an Ethnobotany Walk, a Photo Exhibit, a Beach Walk, and Honey Mead Making.

The cost will be $100 per person, which includes accommodations at the Hostel for the Friday and Saturday night as well as a beautiful vegetarian dinner on both nights. Bring your notebook, any relevant books you have, a camera, etc. Handouts will be provided.

“Teach a man to fish, ya got the food for life. Let your food be your medicine.”

Energy Awareness Workshop Saturday March 13th with Cindy Zsolnai. This workshop will focus on our energy system and holistic practices that can help keep our energy balanced. The first session, from 10AM to 12PM, will focus on the energy system, specifically, the chakras. The second session, from 2PM to 4PM, will focus on holistic therapies, color, aromatherapy, herbs, sound, and movement, followed by integrating all by doing some movement and meditation. Cindy began her journey towards holistic health and wellness almost 25 years ago. Having studied aromatherapy and herbal medicine for personal reasons she eventually took it a step further and became a massage therapist and energy practitioner. Deeply fascinated with the connection between the mind, body, and soul she pursued and received a Master’s in counseling. Today she enjoys teaching others how to understand and connect to their energy systems for self healing, personal growth, and awareness. The cost of the workshop is $15 dollars per person.