Join us at the Hostel in the Forest for an entire weekend dedicated to everything that fast food is not.

Friday, March 20th, 2009
4:30pm – Vegan Cooking Demo
6:30pm – Vegan Feast
8:00pm – Documentary

Saturday, March 21st, 2009
10:00am – Living Foods Workshop
11:00am – Brunch
1:00pm – Urban Gardening Workshop
2:30pm – Bread & Baking Workshop
4:00pm – Tea & Group Discussion
7:00pm – Vegan Feast

Sunday, March 22th, 2009
10:00am – Group Garden Project
1:00pm – Fermentation Workshop

Vegan Cooking Demo- Introduction to vegan cooking. Be apart of the planning, prep, cooking, and presentation of Friday nights vegan feast.

Documentary – “The Future of Food” – Become aware of our countries food industry and discover how much of a presence GMO’s have in our food today.

Living Foods Workshop – Gainesville chiropractic physician Dr. Evan Sundgren will be leading a workshop on living foods, focusing on the nutrition of veggies and fruits, germinated nuts, and kefier.
Dr. Evan Sundgren is a chiropractic physician practicing in Gainesville, Florida and has had a passion for nutrition and health since he was seventeen. He loves having the chance to talk and discuss with others what he has learned about good nutrition and the chance to learn from others in the process. He is completely stoked to be able to present a discussion on Living Foods at The Hostel in the Forest. Learn more about Dr. Sundgren and his professional services here.

Urban Gardening Workshop – Miami’s slow food representative Carl Hildebrand will be leading a workshop on urban gardening, living roofs, and composting.

Bread Workshop – A brief introduction into the bread making. Learn how to start your own sourdough culture and bake with non-gluten flours.

Tea & Slow Food Group Discussion – Commune over tea with fellow foodies.

Group Garden Project – Spend the weekend in one of our tree houses or come for the day and the workshops and vegetarian feast in the evening.

The retreat is $50 a day or $100 for the whole weekend, dinner, workshops, and room included in price. Spaces are limited so call to make your reservation today!

Morning – Yoga in the glass house
Noon – Sensory Awareness workshop with Rayne.
Afternoon – Vegan Cooking Demo

Spring Break at the Hostel 2009

Posted February 25th, 2009

“Leave No Trace or Enrich This Space” – Having 30 plus college students come through the hostel each night for 4 weeks can leave a heavy footprint upon the forest, we want to share our intentions for the month of March with all those who will be coming through. The Hostel would like to provide an opportunity for an “alternative” spring break experience. We invite everyone staying at the hostel during the month of March to not just be a guest, but be an active part of the hostel community.

During the month of March we will be starting environmental projects such as art using spring break recycling, Cobb building, forest restoration, organic gardening, and more. We will also be conducting sustainable living workshops through out the month. We invite everyone to be apart of these projects and also be apart of the every day needs of the hostel. The collective conscienceless that comes through the hostel each year is extraordinary, let’s use the high energy of spring break to channel our creativity towards something positive, something sustainable, something that will create ripples of forward thought.

If you have ideas, insight, passions, comments, or anything that you would like to share and contribute with us then send us an e-mail or give us a call. “The People United Will Never Be Defeated!”

Saturday, March 7th -

Evening: Fermentation Workshop: How to make Kimchi & Sauerkraut

Dinner: Garden Salad, Sweet Potato Mash with Gravy, Split Pea Soup 100%Vegan / 100% Gluten-Free

Sunday, Mar 8th

Morning: Yoga in Glass House with Lisa Remy
Afternoon: Sprouting Workshop: How to sprout lentils, mung beans, and alfalfa.
Dinner: Garden Salad, Veggie Lazanya, Fresh Baked Garlic Bread 100%Vegan

Monday, March 9th

Dinner: Garden Salad, Lentil Soup with Orzo and Purple Kale, Roasted Veggies with Sunflower Pesto, Fresh Baked Spelt Bread 100%Vegan

Tuesday March 10th

Noon: Forest Hike & Tea with Tom
Afternoon: Rebuild Sweat Lodge

Dinner: Garden Salad, African Sweet Potato Peanut Stew, Basmati Rice, Fresh Baked Corn Bread, 100%Vegan / 100% Gluten Free

Wednesday, March 11th

Noon: Fermentation Workshop: How to make hard cider and grapefruit wine
Afternoon: Full Moon Sweat Lodge (FULL)
Dinner: Sprouted Mung Bean & Scallion Salad, Asian Broccoli Slaw, Shitake Mushroom Miso Soup, Pad Thai with Rice Noodles 100%Vegan / 100% Gluten-Free

Thursday, March 12th

Dinner: Garden Salad, Tuscan Bean Ragu with Whole Wheat Linguine, Roasted Veggies with Garlic Lemon Tahini 100%Vegan

Friday, March 13th

Afternoon Noon: Forest Scavenger Hunt
Dinner: Cold Bean Salad, African Peanut Soup, Freshed Baked Challah Bread 100%Vegan
Evening:Friday the 13th Haunted House

Saturdy, March 14th

Dinner: Garden Salad, Orange Root Soup, Fresh Baked Zuchini Bread 100%Vegan
Evening: Ball Room Dancing Workshop

Sunday, March 15th

Dinner: Quinoa Taboulleh, Mixed Bean Hummus, Wood Burned Pita, Moussaka 100%Vegan

Monday, March 16th,

Dinner: Garden Salad, Fresh Chapatis, Mung Dahl, Veg Curry 100%Vegan

Spring Break, we’re ready for ya!