Saturday, January 31st.

Posted January 31st, 2009

Chip Collard, creator of “Campfire Candles”, will be leading a candle-making workshop. Expect to hear talks on all-elements of the process, from wick types, sizes, and uses, to wax and even marketing of candles!

Upcoming Events

Posted January 18th, 2009

We are currently planning new events to take place at the Hostel over the coming weeks. Details of these will be published very soon.

Two January Workshops Planned

Posted January 10th, 2009

Saturday January 31st: Improv Night

We are planning on having an improvisational comedy show on the night of the 31st. Our staff will be semi-planning this, as well as welcoming all of you to join us. And yes, planning an improv night is a humorous idea in and of itself!