The Hostel in the Forest, is hosting a yoga retreat on Friday July 18th. and Saturday July 19th. Guest should plan to arrive on Friday evening and enjoy a delicious vegan meal prepared by our talented Hostel chef. The cost for the 2 nights with dinners and brunch will be $55.

Friday Night Campfire Talk – Why Yoga? After dinner on Friday night we’ll gather around the campfire to kick off the weekend with a discussion about “Why Do We Practice Yoga?” Experienced students can share their stories about how yoga has influenced their lives, while new students will have an opportunity to ask questions about the practice and the tradition.

Saturday Morning Yoga Saturday morning will begin with an invigorating vinyasa yoga class, which will be suitable for all levels of students. Vinyasa classes focus on synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures that flow together to create a moving meditation. The practice will challenge you to focus your mind while you stretch and strengthen your body. The beautiful glass house in which we will practice will provide the perfect setting for a deep relaxation at the end of the session.

Saturday Afternoon Karma Yoga Project The tradition of yoga includes “Karma Yoga,” which translates as “selfless service.” Saturday afternoon we will join together to fortify the beautiful walking labyrinth built on the forest floor. Attendees will help clean up the pathways or gather found objects to help rebuild damaged or unfinished sections of the labyrinth. Attendees wishing to work on other ongoing projects at the hostel are welcome to do so.

Saturday Evening Labyrinth Walk/Meditation After dark on Saturday we will gather at the labyrinth for a candlelit walking meditation. When walking a labyrinth, you meander back and forth, turning 180 degrees as you enter each new circuit. When you shift your direction in this way, you also shift your awareness from the right brain to left brain. This is one of the reasons the labyrinth is believed to induce receptive states of consciousness. It is also said help to balance the chakras.

Sunday Morning Yoga & Meditation The Sunday morning yoga practice will be meditative and introspective. The teacher will lead the students through a series of postures to stretch and relax the muscles, bringing an awareness to both the body and the mind. After the body and mind have been awakened, students will be led in a sitting meditation.

The instruction will be led by Kate Taylor who began practicing yoga 10 years ago to bring some balance to her hectic life in the software industry. Since then, she has become certified to teach yoga and left the rat race behind. She recently traveled to India to study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute. Her teaching style draws from the Ashtanga tradition of vinyasa yoga, but weaves in plenty of instruction about proper alignment. She currently teaches classes in yoga basics, vinyasa yoga and yoga for seniors.