Spring Spiritual Retreat 2008

Posted February 4th, 2008

This month, the Hostel in the Forest is pleased to announce details on our annual Spiritual Retreat. The retreat will be from Friday March 28th through Sunday March 30th, and we encourage you to stay on through Monday morning to achieve maximum bliss. The cost of the whole weekend, with dinners and brunches as described below is $80.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday evening: The Dark and Light Sides of our Spiritual Journeys with Professor Oops!
Saturday 8am: Yoga with Lucy Lynch
Saturday 10am: Love and the Law of Attraction with Rob Jacoby
Saturday 2pm: Tea Time with Tom Dennard
Sunday 8am: Yoga with Lucy Lynch
Sunday 10am: Sacred Dance with Shakti Rowan
Sunday 2pm: Practical Spirituality 101 with Jonna Rae

An amazing Hostel dinner will be provided each night, as well as a light brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Please call to register for the whole weekend only, which includes three nights, all workshops and the meals mentioned. There also may be a sweatlodge, according to the general enthusiasm and rhythm of the workshops.

Professor Oops! is a gentle jester, and an explorer who communicates important ideas about ecology, psychology, art, creativity and science with wit and whimsy. He is the “World’s Greatest Authority on Misteaks” and has given his keynotes, performances and “Genius Lessons” to over 1000 organizations nationally and internationally. He uses humor, magic, juggling, wacky inventions, slides and his award-winning films to empower all ages to use their curiosity and creativity to the fullest. Besides his school, nature and science programs, he has a repertoire of adult and family programs.

Lucy Lynch has twenty years of experience with both yoga and massage, and will be teaching Shivananda Yoga, a gentle style.

Rob Jacoby’s letters include MS, LPC and NCC, but not XXX. The first hour of his workshop, participants will learn the nature of emotions – specifically Love – as well as finding it and living it, and how to transform pain into personal potential. Directly following will be a one-hour practical application of meditation techniques and processing, through breathwork.

Tom Dennard began to envision the Hostel in the Forest from a thorny patch of swampland over thirty years ago, and has midwifed it into its present incarnation. Spend an afternoon walking the T-trails with Tom, learning Hostel history, and then drink some tea with him back at his treehouse.

Shakti Rowan has studied Middle Eastern and African Dance, Authentic Movement, Danskinetics Sufi circle dancing, and yoga. Following the spark of their bodies’ desire to dance, move, and share stories, visions and song, participants in her workshop will practice listening and opening to the sacred movements all around, exploring the progression of dance from self, to spirit, to other, and finally to community.

Jonna Rae has been a lifelong intuitive and professional spiritual advisor for over three decades. In her workshop, participants will focus on meditations to open the heart chakra and tune in to their own true wisdom. Her website is here.